1. Still waiting on someone knowledgeable to chime in on this because I have no idea lol

  2. By all means if someone has the knowledge to explain better please do!! However, I would just assume that the batch of flower they used was far better than the other! Either that, or during the process of extraction, could have just had a rough process for that one.

  3. this is why terps are SO IMPORTANT!! That's night and day differences between these two posts. And not very far in between dates!

  4. The RC luster pod will work fine inside of the BFE luster battery. Those batteries are going to be compatible with any of the luster pods! I haven't tried the RC ones (they are distillate). I honestly stick with BFE and KLT lusters! The Orange 43 one is probz my favorite so far. But BFE has some really good ones!! The Mac & Cheese, Slurricane, blue cheese was also amazing! BFE and KLT are the only full spec luster pods outside of Hon who does/doesn't depending on the pod.

  5. Nice thank you very much! I only mentioned riviera creek because I saw sunnyside had them 15% off today. I pretty much like all things bfe though.

  6. I'll go on a limb here and say it's not worth trying even for 15% off. They are still the .5g ones too I believe? But either way, all LP's will work in those batteries!

  7. That Sherbhead is awesome!! If you like that, you should give the Big head a try! It's a cross of Sherbhead x Heatlocker!

  8. Have you considered making your own? I find it more cost effective to make them yourself vs purchasing them in the program. I've purchased AR Hashtroids and was not very impressed.

  9. I have considered it! I am able to save up my own keef, would you say I should use the same strain in oil/concentrate/(not sure???), buds, and keef? Or does it matter?

  10. It would be up to you! Personally when purchasing the oil for them I will match sativa's w sativa's & indica's w indica's etc.

  11. As long as your med card & recommendation are valid you can purchase a luster battery. If you do not have a valid recommendation they will not allow you inside to even purchase a battery.

  12. They are distillate carts. Stick with Klutch and BFE for your lusters! HON does have a split of full spec/dist LPs as well - double check w your tender if purchasing them. But Klutch and BFE are the only ones to my knowledge that are 100% full spec LPs right now.

  13. interesting to get a 20g stem in a 5.66g jar ...

  14. that ROBOTS is something else tho!! Tried Animal Face a little while ago - awesome for sure. But something bout that robots! Has a wicked smell to it too

  15. I've never tried them in our program because of the price mainly and all the confusion on what you actually get. I honestly think it's kind of a waste. I prefer to just take a couple dabs and maybe top a bowl with piece of kief puck.

  16. I have never purchased them through the program - I have seen them pop up here n there but really not worth the $$$. Personally I think it is much easier just to make your own! I snag some syringes and just drizzle that shit into some nice budzzz!

  17. Roll it up in a blunt, papers are harder tho bc its so sticky. you should wear gloves or something too when you break it up - also dont grind it itll just be too messy. I can smoke a B of some moon rocks and im GUCCI!!! Sometimes I will sprinkle it in a bowl or something too.

  18. Woodward def one of those top cultivators in the game! I got some of this shit today, can’t wait to try tonight!!

  19. That Kings Mustache is something else!! Real smoooooth πŸ”₯

  20. Gotta try this for sure. Terp count looks great. Great pictures.

  21. Most def need to try this strain! You will be amazed by the effects and flavors here!!

  22. Without a doubt! Have been keeping an eye out for it, found at Herbology!

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