1. U/gentlemanfifth my angloid brethren. Pisses me off to. Never know when it trends whether it's fash updooting or just Ian Cringeposting. He does the same with 🇮🇹

  2. In fact growth in public transport would degrow private transport and cut emissions.

  3. If you take today as a startpoint we have a lot of overproduction, so a planned economy for consumption would result in a reduction as opposed to production for profit.

  4. I actually kinda agree with that, we'd need to produce much less in many sectors. It's something that I'm not too sure about regarding the way my organisation views things.

  5. Planned production and curbing of wealthy overconsumption, as well as a reorientation of industrial policy would remedy the problem.

  6. High density would be best, because while area we occupy may be depleted it would leave everywhere else unscathed.

  7. Wealthy overconsumption is the problem and overproduction. We burn a 3rd of food crops. And even then we have enough to feed everyone on earth. The problems is distribution.

  8. Planned economies, production for consumption not profit, then we wouldn't be irrigating and burning a third of the world's food crops. This also my answer to Degrowth.

  9. No wonder he's been so quiet... look what he was cooking up 🤯

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