1. Yay! I was hoping they'd do a nice rewrite for the Henry and Sam story like they did for Bill and Frank. In the game, Bill, Henry, and Sam came across very tropey and one note to me, in the show we got something much more unique and interesting for Bill and now things are shaping up to be more interesting for Henry and Sam too.

  2. I’m not really feeling this Kathleen character. I don’t see why people would let themselves be led by someone like her especially for the sake of some revenge plot. Doesn’t seem to mesh with the whole “bandits are bandits because they want things others have” either. If the people following her are already engaged in cutthroat behavior, I just don’t see why she’d be the one leading that type of group.

  3. Would be fun if she's the mother of Sam, that'd make sense for why people would want to help her on this particular quest, though on your comment about bandits: It seems more a case of the people rose up against Fedra and overthrew them, and less a case of dicks with guns.

  4. Sure the episode was good, but I would have made the ending epic.

  5. A bit too grim for my tastes, but appreciate the fun writing attempt.

  6. Bury your gays was the craziest priviliged psyco illusion I have ever seen

  7. I found her dead due to doing the quest first before The Suffering of Constantin.

  8. When your favourite characters are Vi and Ekko... D:

  9. Marvel's Midnight Suns... y'know I think they'd fit pretty well tbh.

  10. The best tip in here is Vampiric Essence allowing Wanda to survive her Ultimate.

  11. I spent 40 hours doing General Missions once I unlocked Spider-Man before continuing the story lol...

  12. This isn't a discussion on game price or worth, just on a fun character similarity that had a Vanguard casual like me fan-theorying while playing lol.

  13. Just admit to being a gosetsu simp 🤣🤣

  14. I was... until he kept beating me mercilessly in our Cardfight! XD

  15. Not confirmed but pretty much is confirmed. In lore Warwick was considered the one who taught Vi how to fight.

  16. Isn't it that in the game he has the line "Who taught you how to punch?!" when taunting Vi, and in the show we know that it's Vander who did in fact teach her how to punch.

  17. Post removed because Reddit's automated bots think it's spam?!

  18. Unequal nudity tends to put me off of things, and there was a fair bit of that in one of the trailers, might give it a go at somepoint to see if it's worth putting up with, but I really doubt it holds a candle to Arcane.

  19. Vi is 5’8??? HOW IS THAG FUCKING SMALL? Everyone else is just abnormally tall

  20. One of Piltover's first inventions after being founded was a way to mass produce tasty herbs for your food that also increase your height.

  21. It looks to me kind of like an alternate reality where Caitlyn becomes Jinx instead of Powder :O

  22. The setting is under preferences -> external tools -> external script editor

  23. If Maul can survive being cut in half homeboy can survive a lil pokey

  24. I dunno, pokey is more lethal than slicey, cuz pokey can hit organy which keep you alivey, slicey just take leggy which likely mean deaddy to normal ppl but super ppl still have their organies.

  25. We’ll probably just see him come back super pissed off with some cybernetic parts later in the season like Fennec. Half the inquisitors are part droid at this point anyway, we know Vader keeps removing limbs in his lessons

  26. I'm hoping for a "Oh him? Yeah he was the first Grand Inquisitor, turns out he had a much scarier brother who replaces him and looks a lot better in the make-up/costume/cgi department" :D

  27. Shadowverse Champion's Battle on Nintendo Switch is perfect.

  28. What about Guns For Hire and What Could’ve Been?

  29. If this was a playlist for her specifically, I don't think she's much of the wallowing in sadness type, she'd much rather shove those emotions down and rock out.

  30. Is this based on anything? Jayce is a scientist who wrote books. His whole story line with Viktor started because Viktor was inspired by his notes.

  31. Nah, all his notes were little stickman drawings, you saw his super hero picture :D

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