AITA mum not wanting to help with childcare even though I have herniated disc?!

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


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  1. ELF’s beautifully bare collection had an amazing skin tint that didn’t leave me feeling oily. They discontinued it years ago and I haven’t been able to find a good dupe since 😭

  2. I recently bought the Estee Lauder skin tint during Ulta's 21 days of beauty. I've tried it for a few days, and I really like it! I put it directly on top of sunscreen, which then did need powder. But when I did it on top of moisturizer without a primer, I looked fresh and not oily. Perhaps check it out!

  3. I remember thinking he was cute way waaaaay back in the day when Macy and Ryan were on 16 and Pregnant. Now I want to throw up in my mouth. He's so vile.

  4. She had the inheritance!!!! Disappointed that we wouldn't see it in play now.

  5. Wait, what does inheritance mean? I'm a newer watcher, and I don’t think I caught this.

  6. this sounds like a 30 year old is trying to write like a high schooler

  7. No way, the "unconditionally committed" and "as such" make me think the writer is at least in their late 50s!

  8. My thoughts exactly. “My husband,” and “we worked it out,” but “an unforeseen consequence,” “that boy,” “that kid”. Grace for the man who stepped out on her, and obvious contempt for the innocent boy who is her own children’s brother.

  9. Yes! And when you ask why, the answer is always "well, the child's a reminder of my husband's infidelity." Like, um, is your husband's penis not a more triggering reminder of infidelity? He certainly used that to create the child you hate!

  10. YTA, and a bigger one for the way you talk about your mother. She put you on this earth, show some respect.

  11. Lol high school probs.... if only I could go back

  12. Lolol, totally! Pimples, pre-cal, and racism. SO HAPPY those problems end after graduation, right? Hyuck hyuck.

  13. Does anyone remember that Rainbow highlighter that went crazy viral back in 2016ish era? I had actually bought a few of the highlighters right before it blew up. I didn't have the rainbow but I remember thinking how wild it is that I had just purchased from her store on Etsy and now boom. I still have one in teal I love to use on the inner corner of my eyes.

  14. I bought one last year and felt SO GAAAAAY for Pride! Loved it. Can't wait to break it out again this year!

  15. I want to hang out with whoever this is. Their choices seemed very thoughtful without being pretentious.

  16. This is a person who would never have voted for La La Land, and I respect them.

  17. I'm currently on season 6 and absolutely HATING Oliver right now. These photos make me feel so much better. Thank you.

  18. Completely went of a cliff in season 4 and haven't been able to fully enjoy it since.

  19. Hard agree. Currently on season 6, and wow, this shit hasn't gotten SO EMBARRASSINGLY BAD!

  20. Well… this is not going the way I hoped. Wife is in tears of laughter. Says she’s been calling me an AH for 8 years and it’s nice to have that confirmed. Surely statute of limitations on chocolate should be a thing?!?

  21. SO happy for OOP that his wife told him she didn't love him! He would never have divorced her on his own. But babe, stop doing all the chooooores, ugh.

  22. I'm not gonna buy the new Adept Cosmetics palette - being limited edition threw me off and was successfully luring me at the same time, then I checked all the reels and pics available - it's beautiful but not exactly what I would want to add to my collection. I can skip this one.

  23. I'm kinda surprised Adept keeps getting away with using IP like that... First Superman, now Green Arrow?

  24. My fave trend is cancelling Mikayla. Close second to cancelling J Charles lol.

  25. Wow, just remembering that she really didn't address the mascara scandal, did she? Not the first time she's straight up lied, but I figured there might be an apology since this one blew up!

  26. Haley Bieber and Rhode. She appropriates SO much from other cultures and sells them for a profit.

  27. If I ever have to hear about her browny glazed lips/nails/WHATEVER again, I will screaaaaaaaaam!

  28. Yes, when I was told he got fired, quite loudly infront of everyone by his father, I was overwhelmed with joy.

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