1. I mean, it is abstract art so all opinion based but very reminiscent of Maxine Solomons work.

  2. We were supposed to wait for the nude? Fuck, started early!

  3. After first response I would have nexted her, don't care whatbher reasons, she says she isn't interested why bother trying to defend yourself after that?

  4. Every situation is unique my guy, 1 girl likes it asap others take your time. Assess each individual situation as it cones there is not a complete guide.

  5. For that gorgeous ass, anytime any place. Check the profile, hit me up if I'm needed.

  6. With an ass like that..."hurry up" is 2 words I wouldn't dream of saying around you.

  7. First thought....that ass, look up to the lips....damn!!!!

  8. It's a lonely world but we can heat it up together, slide through and let's make it purrrr

  9. Stunning body, beautiful red hair, cheeky smile.....yeah you got it like that.

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