1. People shouldn't get tattoos of something temporary (like a name or relationship or current favorite show) that there aren't ready to eventually cover up.

  2. There are a lot of examples on Twitter of transphobes telling trans women they'll never be a real man and vice versa

  3. I was thinking the connection to the bdsm community and more organized scenes, make it more a BDSM relationship. And it is more kinky without those. But it's mostly vibe based, and I'm probably wrong bc I'm so new to this

  4. I think they are talking about the accident ( they are alive) followed by the podium ( someone died). But that’s not the song. The accident is the snowmobile accident with Harry Styles. The podium is when she forgot to acknowledge her boyfriend of over a year at the Grammy’s AOTY speech 2016.

  5. I would just say that someone was making transphobic comments about her, do not repeat the transphobic comments because it sucks to hear them. (Think about if you were telling someone that you heard someone else using a slur, you wouldn't say the slur)

  6. Maybe look into sugaring (or sugar waxing), it's supposed to be gentler on the skin than real waxing.

  7. I'm surprised how many women are here, I thought this was the crochet sub for men

  8. Idk you can get married without being romantic or sexually involved. Usually the single at 30 situation is referring to that, at least in my experience

  9. True, but robin want love. Platonic love is cool and all but it ain't intimate, and Robin need intimate love.

  10. Imo if you can't find anyone to be romantic with (hence single at 30) having a strong platonic partner is better than having none. Plus I'm sure they'd have some sort of agreement for affairs

  11. It can’t be that, because Erica said it was gross

  12. Before "cringey" entered modern vocabulary, I can see "gross" being used to refer to the same things

  13. It should be as accepted as any side hustle. Side hustles in general tho should be less necessary than they are.

  14. It should be as accepted as any side hustle. Side hustles in general tho should be less necessary than they are

  15. I'm new to Reddit porn. Why is it mostly gifs and vids without sound? Also there's usually no outside links to a vid with sound. Not that I want to be linked to a paywall

  16. My guess is to stay anonymous (so noone recognizes their voices)

  17. I'm hoping my master gets a boat so we can do stuff like this. Boats are just the right amount of public for me

  18. In my experience, having an unreciprocated crush on a friend is awkward for liek a couple weeks and then is fine. So you can tell him you like him option one is that he doesn't like you and it's a bit awkward, option two he does like you and together you decide what happens next.

  19. tones a lil bit aggressive at the beginning (reminds me of Gordon Ramsay lol), but overall a great video, I hope it helps OP

  20. It’s a mourning band. This fisting nonsense is just some shit people say to deprecate something once it becomes too trendy for their tastes.

  21. Fisting is a skill, I wouldn't consider that deprecating

  22. I know women are allowed to like women, and are allowed to be masculine. I don't want to be masculine I want to be a guy

  23. Maybe not the criteria you're looking for, but I love how romantic and domestic impulse and bdubs are.


  25. Talking about something they're passionate about, especially if it's something I don't understand at all and they take the time to explain it to me

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