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  1. It's not first degree as there isn't premeditation. It's not second because there wasn't intent to kill. Manslaughter applies.

  2. Actually it's usually first degree because in a majority of american states they have laws specifically to make sentences harsher if the victim was a police officer.

  3. He ran a hit squad of white supremacists and only got 4 years?

  4. Yes I am aware and it doesn't disprove the point I'm making its on people who want to heavily defund them. We are still in the throws from suffering a "crisis" so crime naturally goes up but if you look at violent crime over a ten year period we consistently gone down and even more so over a 20 year period let alone 30 or 40. Would you like to scream at anything else.

  5. The supervising officer got suspended 7 days without pay and she got 2 days suspended without pay.

  6. He asked the question in a super accusatory and crap way, but the question doesn't come from nowhere:

  7. yup, the proud boys were threatening to shoot people and the cops just decided to be their best friends

  8. Oh yeah, I was watching this live, the white nationalists were screaming threats to shoot the people at the church and the police just kinda laughed and watched them.

  9. I mean, weak as shit mental is what happens when you tell a bunch of dumbasses that their weekend "specialist" training in whatever non-gun related thing makes them a god-like expert, then leave them to "fend for themselves" in environments where other people prove they're infinitely better.

  10. This is heartbreaking. So sad to see when a society treats it's elderly in this manner.

  11. sometimes when you call 911 requesting emt they will still send police

  12. So again they’re issuing orders/commands without identifying themselves, and if a citizen doesn’t immediately comply they just start shooting. Texas is a castle doctrine state, there’s no way in my mind that APD can justify this shooting. The neighbor handled the call to 911 in a fucked up way.

  13. It's texas, murdering anyone they suspect of being tangentially related to a possible crime is literally their MO

  14. There's a number of evangelical "colleges" and "thinktanks" who do "research" into (insert anything not straight or patriarchal) and try to get the nonsense published in journals.

  15. Any database like that with personal information should have an audit log that records user activity. Electronic medical records and similar systems are required to have audit logs, for example. Getting that information from the NYPD is the trick, though. They probably won't cooperate. So you might have to sue and get the information through a discovery request. You might also be able to report the matter to the attorney general or some other sufficiently high office and get them to investigate. Or maybe the ACLU would have the resources to assist.

  16. It absolutely does, however that's entirely within the control of the police department.

  17. This is a perfect example of police creating the argument for not only refusing ALL interactions with police, but for arming yourself in your own home to protect yourself from violent gun toting home invaders

  18. So they're illegally forcing entry and can be dealt with as armed intruders?

  19. wow, so a police officer sexually assaults someone and the police department decides "yup, that's an upstanding officer"?

  20. I love how it takes a super long court opinion to point out the obvious that lying is bad.


  22. The truly sad part is the second he hits the street, the rest of the dead officers department is going to look for reasons to murder him

  23. In addition, I fully expect the entire department to take this verdict out on the city via work slowdowns. Crime will get worse there because 12 people had the unmitigated gall to not throw the book at this guy for legally defending himself.

  24. no they won't, the last time they tried a work slowdown crime rates dropped in new york.

  25. Who the fuck woulda thought that mobbing someone who's already restrained and doing nothing in their cell by themselves was a fucking crime?

  26. More like they will kill you for resisting the enforcement of an unjust law passed by petty power hungry statists.

  27. "Officer rapes teenager and gets away with it" <- fixed your headline

  28. Yup, those fucks just ignored commands for an investigation from the FBI. Like completely gone rogue, some 3rd world shit.

  29. what's disturbing is they're destroying evidence, refusing comply, etc. etc. and the FBI isn't just knocking down the police station door and arresting people.

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