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This hits me right in the feels

Hope to make it to the other side.

You officially endorse and add your voice to the crowd.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

I'm in this with you.

  1. That’s not trashy. OP might be racist though.

  2. I’ve seen white guys and a couple of Latin brothers with these here. Not the local cowboys type, but yeh. Oh, and btw, this picture doesn’t show the race of the driver, why are you pre-judging they’re race, or mine?

  3. Not equally. You should google the difference between a Salt Water Crocodile and a Caiman. Big difference.

  4. Just looking at this, a layperson like me wouldn’t suspect it was cancerous.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that. From what I’ve heard, it’s one of the more painful cancers. At least he is at peace now❤️

  6. At the current prices of 5 guys, dude better have a long term contract.

  7. I feel sleazy just watching this. Perv should be prosecuted yeah, but this feels dirty just watching.

  8. Crazy question, but please don't be offended. I've always wanted to visit your country. I've traveled to several countries and I've noticed in certain countries, the locals kind of gave me looks like i was not welcome. See, I'm a black man from America and mostly, I can just ignore the bigots, but was wondering what to expect if/when I ever visit. Thoughts?

  9. So, I (white guy) went to Switzerland with my black girlfriend, and for the most part people were fascinated by her because they don't often see black people. Besides people directly asking her her ethnicity, tons of (mostly) guys would talk to me on the side and always seemed to be curious "where she was from" - once they learned she was American it was like oh okay, just another American... so I'm not sure if they would look at you differently if you're from Ghana or the Caribbean, for example. And who knows how'd it been if she were traveling with her brothers/sisters instead of me? But from what I saw no one was overtly racist, just curious

  10. Curious, I can deal with. Hell, I’m curious too. Would love to drink a beer with the locals and just shoot the shit.

  11. My local lake, it's connected to a pretty big park with tons of water. 53.0886052, 6.8441026 (copy paste to maps)

  12. Had to Google what a Zander was. I'd love to hook into one of those! Enjoy your new kayak and good luck to you!

  13. Maybe let make them fight their way back to Long Island, à la 1979's "The Warriors"?

  14. First things first, take those reflectors off your forks. Take 400, 1000 and 3500 wet sand paper and clean them up

  15. Kroger near me has at least 100 different sauces, but I've never seen this kind. Maybe I overlooked it thinking that it was the original Frank's (Which is one of my favorites btw).

  16. He kept telegraphing but this fool kept walking right into each one.

  17. It's literally the same punch each time and dude still couldn't get out of the way. Sad.

  18. I've got a 1/2 of both post oak and pecan, but lately I've been experimenting with mesquite. Learned the hard way by ruining a couple of smokes that it takes a skill to smoke with it. Done right, it makes some pretty damn good smokes.

  19. How many times have you actually taken out your kayak that you’ve owned for two years and don’t know what kind it is?

  20. I doubt they turned on him because of the stuff he was saying, they almost definitely had already planned to kill him. Probably believed he was snitching or had been working for rivals.

  21. Yup. Kinda looks like he was surrounded purposely. Maybe he knew what was coming and began talking shit?

  22. If anyone wants to replace the connectors themselves, these

  23. The recall notice states "After a thorough investigation, we determined that in extremely rare circumstances, the closed-end crimp connectors within the recalled air fryers - which are responsible for establishing electrical connections between certain wires - can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards."

  24. At first I thought that the angle of your picture made it look so BIG, until I looked at their website. Now I’m wondering where you’re going to place your CVN sticker?

  25. Could they have used something smaller to collect the pus, a thimble, for example?

  26. Yup, going with the cotton balls when lancing an abscess the size of her entire right cheek should work fine…

  27. Out of 14 port calls on a cruise, this is my wife's favorite. I loved it too, but if I had to pick one, Montenegro was mine.

  28. I had a GL1200 for a while, it was a great bike. This one sounds really different. Are you sure it's running right?

  29. Goldwings are known for how smooth they run. This one sounds a little rough, maybe because its been sitting for winter. But, cool bike nonetheless.

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