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  1. Archaeologists from Arkeologerna have unearthed an early 17th century sword from the time of the Kalmar War.

  2. Sort of. The modern concept of a nation is pretty recent, so you have to think in terms of hereditary kingdoms. The interesting thing is that it was possible for a monarch to inherit not just one kingdom, but two or three. The kingdoms would sometimes merge in the legal sense (a "real union"; think the modern UK), but not necessarily. Sometimes you just had the same guy wearing two different (very ornate) hats as the king of two legally distinct kingdoms. This is called a "personal union", since the kingdoms were united not by laws, but were united "in the person" of the monarch.

  3. That was great. Thanks. I like learning more nuanced history of other countries.

  4. I honestly hate that they even report on her anymore. There's nothing she can do that would upset her base so stop giving her the power of free promotion and advertising.

  5. No way. It shows that “white females” can be just as bad if not worse pieces of crap as Trump. Trump himself felt outdone by her and stepped up his rhetoric recently.

  6. Anyone can be a piece of crap regardless of gender or skin color.

  7. I have some mission brand corn tortillas in my fridge. It's a commonly available brand and it has no seed oils. If corn tortillas have any oil or fat at all it's not traditional.

  8. Ok. How do you get them to bro break up? I’ve been to places where they double up corn tortillas. I tried that at home and it just hurts my stomach.

  9. Idk how it hurts your stomach, but I heat a cast iron on high, put some ghee or birria fat on it and toast in the pan until pliable.

  10. They’re just too fry normally. I like to hear them there. I should go back to doing that instead if I’m the microwave

  11. The funniest thing ever once - I was in a Starbucks and this black guy in his mid thirties wearing a tie doesn’t realize his headphones are not plugged in and his music starts “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” This totally mild mannered guy kindly says “Excuse me. Your music is playing out loud.” It was out of a movie. Almost makes me wonder if that guy did that just for a laugh.

  12. Does the bear meet up with them down the road and maul him to death?

  13. This was in Southern China I’m guessing. Tata is a vehicle brand over there and I heard someone say the mandarin word for muscle after they accomplished the feat. Anyone know where this was in particular?

  14. They might be deported back and then killed in Myanmar as deserters / political prisoners.

  15. I would probably eat dried seaweed instead of taking a supplement to minimize overdosing. I eat Brazil nuts every other week for selenium myself. There also are kelp capsules available but I think the food would probably give you more feedback to know if you don’t need it (craving.)

  16. I think those are the hated Bradford Pears. They're gonna be very astringent.

  17. Bradfords are super tiny though, and those leaves don’t look like Bradford.

  18. Wait a minute. Didn’t you used to live in Dalian about four years ago?

  19. Maybe he could learn to not bust when he orgasms. It can be dangerous though. A friend of a friend went to the hospital after hitting six out of seven in order to reach immortality.

  20. Talk about lack of civility. Protesting in America has gotten really destructive. Charlottesville to me seemed to be so counterproductive. That was a moment of clarity for me. There were people protesting people protesting. What the hell? Course I’m hearing that Russian troll farms were inciting people to do that.

  21. Yeah thats definitely a fern. What led you to belive it is a moth orchid?

  22. The instructions name it as moth orchid on top and the drawing matches the plant.

  23. Not uplifting for people not in their teenage years.

  24. Wonder if this thing died. Heard a story about someone encountering a dead animal that got stuck.

  25. This makes me SICK. It’s really laziness to not do simple things like laundry because you can exploit poor people. This used to happen in America more commonly. Not working as a woman meant you were not of the “working class.” Some women had wet-nurses where they used slaves which instead of giving all their milk to their own babies they fed their mistress’s babies. Working poor women also did this too. I’m sure sure this person and some here (for a second) are looking at this as some sort of answer to get more women into the workforce. However caring about the poor is really now a focus of the past.

  26. I remember reading about it. I’m not 13 and on the internet.

  27. I semi-agree with you. I lost well over 100 Lbs (257+ down to 130’s) and am still quite soft. I think I look pretty good, but I’m not “shredded” and I still feel like I look post obese relative to “skinny girls” although nobody would ever be able to say so just by looking at me. I think I have more fat cells and fewer muscle cells, commensurate with my overweight developmental years. I’ve also got lasting symptoms of lifelong estrogen dominance.

  28. That’s sounds like the extreme exercise was the thing driving the weight loss and quitting that made it unsustainable.

  29. Well I was tired all the time when I fasted OMAD but ate too little. I thought I got enough but often you don’t.

  30. I like to imagine that dog running below us a crazy feral person.

  31. The capital of South Korea is uncomfortably close to the North Korean border, not to mention the relationship between North Korea and China. An invasion of North Korea would probably not cause America too much damage, but could majorly destabilize the region.

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