Students are better off if they were taught with basic life skills like self defense, driving, swimming, kissing, responsible drinking, investing, etc. as early as high school. Denying that these are NOT important is ignorant and regressive to society.

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  1. No way, you’re back to screwing up the order again! Called it!

  2. No way, you’re back to screwing up the order again! Called it!

  3. Why should an employer be responsible for your living expenses if you’re not working the hours to earn that much? You know how many hours you’ll get, you know what your being paid, if it’s not enough to cover your expenses get another job. I say this as someone who had three jobs at the same time while in college. I’d agree with a kind of ubi for students, but employers shouldn’t have to pay you extra because you’re in college. That’s ridiculous.

  4. Nobody was asking about external factors. Op said most people can make the best choices and still can’t get out. That’s a lot of people doing the right things with zero payoff.

  5. Which is technically true. You can do pretty much everything right, but in the end luck dictates if a decision was "right" or not

  6. This isn’t a situation of willing or not. I was suggesting things that can work and do work in my situation.

  7. And I said that not everyone in your situation would be willing to do that

  8. Someone should Derpy clouds belong in the sky

  9. Because you did better? You pretty much ignored my points a d gave no valid reasons other than "I don't agree"

  10. Again no actual discussion points, no argumentation. But am I right though? Are you still a HS student?

  11. I've given mine. That you ignored . . . Might want to practice discussing the points I have you before asking for more 🥱

  12. Besides telling me 'school hard, school bad' you don't really have much of any point. I actually already agreed with you that the US system is seriously flawed (obviously differs from state to state)

  13. A lot of that is incredibly wrong. And again: Assumptions 🥱

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