1. The comment section of this thread is a fucking joke. If anybody questions the validity of the story gets instantly downvoted. And I'm not talking about the topic, I'm talking about the credibility of the source. That's what happens when ideology overwrites critical thinking. Or 196 folks are just this naive, idk

  2. Because no relationship ever ended because one person fell into a conspiracy-infested rabbit hole, right? Good thing that never happened!

  3. I hope it doesn't devastate you too much to discover fairy tales aren't real.

  4. Man, Liberals really cant take any hint. No shit theyre not real, this comparison is like 8 years old. Day by day it ceases to amaze me how stupid and ignorant some people can be. Reddit never fails.

  5. "Reddit never fails" he says as he busts another load in his cum jar and writes racist comments on 4chan.

  6. Wonder why the Women's Marchbwhere all you soy boys wore pussy hats banned the Star of David? Maybe because Nazi Soros funded it??

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