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  1. Did they reuse Trickster's running animation?

  2. She needs a Quality of Life update, that's for sure.

  3. That is a massive Cannon my dood, packing 99 in Bloodtinge.

  4. hey, is that meme, the dude that opens the eyes in the dark

  5. why did that guy sound like the "Hello, I'm unda the wotah" video

  6. Maybe try being old Wanda? s She travels back very little like that.

  7. That's the issue, even Old Wanda makes them de-aggro. It's not the distance, it's the poof

  8. Yeah, it's actually a 20% increase on grind.

  9. Try to post this on Overwatch's forums, they can help more

  10. Oh, unlucky. I get 3-4 Treeguards just by existing in a 20 mt radius around trees as Maxwell. Chance is chance.

  11. depends if you dodge or tank, if you tank, probably 4-5 marble suits and 3-4 football helmets

  12. I plan to scurry around the walled in arena I made and let the bees do the work until I'm out of bees or sanity then tanking

  13. You could probably do more by playing it normally and tanking for the bees tbh

  14. Great concept, but that handle must be snapped like a Slim Jim

  15. Create the problem. Sell the solution.

  16. whatever happens, rest assured, Red Dead 2, Witcher 3 and CyberPunk will always be on discount.

  17. thermal stone. prebuild sign. prebuild campfire. craft marble armor. get pine cones, plant them in a line, tons of wood. get ham bat. torches. gg.

  18. this mf is about to get his head popped 😭

  19. wdym, working as intended, don't you guys levitate?

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