China Is Literally Going Tits Up and Nobody Gives a Shit

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  1. Depending on the year, 33 are stock or very close. I have 3.21 and LT rated 33s. No issues/lack of power at all. Unless you’re going 35+ inch or towing a lot, 3.21 make more sense imo.

  2. Stocks are just over 30. I moved up to a 305/55r20 which is just above 33. Mine rides fine no issues so far with towing but nothing that heavy, usually 4k or just over with a boat trailer.

  3. Hatteras sportfish (32), Boston Whaler Montauk (17). Problem is we are 2.5 hrs from lake/marina.

  4. Dad worked as a revenue agent for 37 years. He carried. Was shot at once and involved in solving a murder that started as a tax evasion case. People get mad when you take their toys, cars, business, etc. It's more self defense than anything. Nothing new really. Just new since there will be actual agents vs tax assistants.

  5. Yeah honestly w the engines out back it could be minimal tongue weight. Rear and of vehicle doesn’t look crazy compressed

  6. That is what I am thinking. Front end isn't sky high. Still a decent gap on rear wheels. However I wouldn't condone this for anything over 10 miles or any ramp with a steep incline

  7. I don't condone anything on public roads not meeting the manufacturer's specs. When in doubt go to a scale and spend an hour and $30 to be sure.

  8. Assuming this is around a 20 robalo spec weight is just over 3k dry. I think that's an Acadia and their tow rating is 3500 to 4000. When it is loaded with fuel and accessories, I wouldn't push this down the road.

  9. And that’s MSRP. Dealers and resellers are going well above that.

  10. There was one locally asking 239k. There are multiple Ford lightnings that are asking 130 to 150k

  11. Mine GTX Limited was moved from the stores warehouse to their main building. But they are still missing 5 components. Was told they are getting components daily and allocating based on deposit date and then ski needs (what completes one first/ which model it fits). Hoping to get it before our season on lake Michigan is over.

  12. https://www.edmartinbuickgmc.com/used-Carmel-2022-GMC-HUMMER+EV-Edition+1-1GT40FDA5NU100361

  13. The 300 only gets 4-6 gph? OMG. I gotta rethink wanting to get that model then. How can it be so inefficient?

  14. 4 to 6 is low end. All out in sport mode I believe it will empty the tank in 45 minutes

  15. Tell them you mean business. Call the law offices of Tanks Hannity today.

  16. Pretty high. If I interview odds are close to 80+%. But I'm selective and screen before I go down that route. I don't want to waste their time, and I don't want to waste my time. Usually will get a few recruiter contacts a week. They send the description (which sometimes I have to wonder if they are new given the titles they send me), I ask for their org structure and salary range for the position. Of those that respond, I expect most to be below my current but yo a point wheree negotiating an increase in that is not likely given the gap. I explain my reasoning and thank them for thinking of me and reaching out and to reach out of there is another position.

  17. Guess it’s time to find a new hobby:( hopefully the market craters like used cars did

  18. Used cars are not there yet. Trucks are still insanely high.

  19. I would take a peek at a few sites for truck wheels and tires. Find what you like. Also those are Fuel brand wheels...you can get a few frand for those on ebay/Craigslist etc.

  20. I have fuel siege. It's not the typical and honestly looks closer to stock which I am fine with. But I also don't have massive ones. Just stock 20 size but 0mm offset.

  21. Well there was one dude that used hand sanitizer while waiting. Just calmly walked over to the dispenser while wearing a half shell helmet and vest.

  22. This. 2017s are selling for around 1 million, 2021 for 1.4mil

  23. More than likely it won't come complete. I'm on day 81 waiting for parts for a GTX 300 Limited, and the part I'm currently delayed on the longest would go into a GTI as well (GPS Component for the speedometer). Whatever you do, don't believe the 30-45 day timeline seadoo promises either.

  24. Waiting on GTX Limited as well. Dealer says delivery in Aug. I'm sceptical at best

  25. It’s very likely Bennington doesn’t make the parts. They probably buy them from a supplier like Perko. Find out who that supplier is and buy from them. Or bite the bullet and get them from a dealer. Boat parts aren’t like car parts. There isn’t endless suppliers and vendors. Some you just have to buy stuff wherever you can get it.

  26. This. Most manufactures will use off the shelf parts for these items and others. Simple Amazon, west marine, Google search and you will find a replacement.

  27. I don't remember it making it any quicker. But then again I start at 8 or 9pm and it will normally be done in 12 hours with no wrap.

  28. Usually they are larger. Think 10 to 12 lbs. But it stays at 225 with no issues and comes out great.

  29. Man this market is nuts. I ordered my 2022 GTX Limited 300 in August of 2021, paid in full.

  30. I actually ended up calling my local dealer to see what they had and when. (Wife wanted green so we got green) He has one supposedly not listed or shown online due in late July/august. He told me ski is there just waiting on parts like everyone else. Would love to be able to take it on vacation with us next week and surprise my mom at her lake house since they refuse to buy one. But that is doubtful. Ending price for ski and aluminum trailer is still lower than the quote I had from a dealer in April. No crazy freight and assembly fees. Hoping they stick to it.

  31. You'll find something. Keep an eye on FB marketplace, deals pop up. I would hate for you to drop 25k on something thats selling for 18k new (before taxes and such) and then someone lists a 2021 for 15k.

  32. Yeah, not that desperate. By time I add a trailer and pay tax, it's nearly 30k. Hell no to that. I found it on Facebook which I dislike using but will to find something.

  33. Would you take a paycut to go from middle office to an ops position having to do with project management?

  34. I'm not taking a paycut unless it is a job I want that has a large upside in near future. Especially in this market

  35. Jesus no. This is insane. That video was 130 and he wasn't even touching water. You can control direction. Do you really want to stand over a winch wire that potentially has 6k or so tension on it? How much time are you willing to take launching a boat that could be done in 3 to 5 minutes solo? Keep in mind other people want to use the ramp.

  36. Could attach a cold smoke box. Rectec has them. Not sure about pitboss.

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