1. I used to work for an airline, so I took him to Hawaii for his 40th birthday. He had such a great time and seeing his happiness while swimming in the ocean and watching the sunsets each day made me 1000% sure this is my forever man. I adore him so much.

  2. One weekend he asked if he could come over after work. I was a single mom at the time and it had been a very long week. Between work and my kids absolutely steamrolling me, my house was a disaster. I hesitated and then told him he could but he was going to have to excuse my house because there was no way I was going to get it completely straightened out before he got there. He told me not to worry about it. I’d managed to get most of my house looking like humans lived in it again by the time he texted he was on his way but my kitchen was still a huge mess and I apologized for it. He got out of the car with a bottle of wine in hand and didn’t bat an eye when he went in the kitchen to pour me a glass. He hands me the glass of wine, picks me up and sits me on the kitchen counter then proceeds to clean my kitchen. Washed my dishes, wiped down the counters, swept, mopped. Refused to let me help. Lol. I tried to protest multiple times but he insisted that it was no big deal and what good was he if he couldn’t relieve some stress. I quietly cried into my wine while I watched him clean and the thought popped into my head, “I’m going to marry this man.” I did exactly that 2 years later.

  3. If I had a favorite spot, I would not relent. I'd go there and fend off every proselytizer until I won. But that's just me.

  4. I'd get business cards that say "no, I'm not interested in hearing about Jesus", and wordlessly hand them out to anyone who approached for an unsolicited chat.

  5. Leave all the coffee stuff in the kitchen or make a coffee area on the side table in an organized way.

  6. mine's not bothered by foil, she just stands on it and investigates lol

  7. Thank you!!! I think I need some more plants and pictures for the wall, but it’s a good starting point. I’ve lived here since September 2022 but my ex roommate left and took all the furniture so I’m starting over. I love being on my own and having my own place

  8. Living alone is a luxury, that few people your age can afford. It would do a LOT to help you build up some savings if you got a roommate. Savings are so important to have, in case of a sudden expensive.

  9. 100% the sensitivity to noises and touch. But as stated all three sons are also ND. So I have adhd and asd.. my sons father has asd only lol. Our oldest and youngest have combo like me, and middle is asd only like dad. So basically one kid could be making a loud echoed noise for fun, while the other tells him to stop, over and over until I have to separate them. Or they youngest wants his food specific as hell, and if it'd not perfect or a different brand he goes into meltdown... which then sets off my adhd and rejection sensitivity and I feel like a terrible waste of space who can't do anythingto make anyone happy. And so basically we all are just triggering one another alllll day long lol. It's a fuckin mess of a life... 3 boys 10 and under, all homeschooled too.

  10. I'm a woman and I highly suspect I have undiagnosed autism (my appointment for my first therapy session is on Tuesday so I'm just starting to work on a diagnosis), and it's all but solidified my choice to not have kids.

  11. Well, I homeschool them for many reasons... of which include- not getting shot in school, not being bullied, tailoring their learning to suit them and their college of choice, to open them to many opportunities of learning with children of mixed ages during homeschool co-ops, to allow them to dance and tap and hum to their hearts content while working on a subject, to move through curriculum at a pace that suits them each individually, etc. None of which include- shoving religion down their throats, extremist ideals, or hiding anything from them. I'm an atheist, stoner, leftist who teaches them real history not the white washed bullshit in schools either. I don't appreciate the insinuation that they don't leave the house or have social interactions. My sons are autistic and deserve down time, and the ability to not have to mask daily in school. I went undiagnosed my whole life, and by the time I graduated college at 19 was so burned out I couldn't stand people lol. I don't need to push them past their breaking points as tiny children... I'll let them be thrown to the wolves at 15ish when they start working/trade schools not 5. This way they will not burnout until at least 30. It's for their own good, in every single way.

  12. You obviously care a lot. I can understand why you'd react defensively. I'm just afraid the rest of the world can't/won't cater to them nearly as well as you have gotten them accustomed.

  13. I can't believe I got quoted from $185-300 for fresh flowers 😂

  14. NTA technically. she's your daughter. You have complete control over who she gets to see. If you think it isn't in her best interest to have further exposure to her birth mother, and her family by proxy, it's your right to protect her. No one is entitled to time with your daughter because of blood. It's certainly not "cruel".

  15. We may allow her to see them one day but we're still dealing with issues with her bio mom and the timing just doesn't seem right.

  16. Just don't wait too long. The most formative bonding years for me and my extended family was probably from 6-12. Teenagers lose interest in hanging out with family.

  17. are there denominational rules? Like certain denominations shouldn't visit others or something?

  18. The Church of Christ REAALLY thinks they're the one true church. So they will usually not socialize with the others. Kinda like Mormons, they seem to set themselves apart.

  19. Most wouldn't. They are large, simple, herd animals, that can crush you if you're not careful.

  20. That's if you get a purebred, my Siamese cat is a mix, came from a litter of kittens from some stray cats, neither of which were siamese nor were any of her siblings siamese.

  21. That's odd. Usually the Siamese markings are a recessive trait. It's more probable this is a loose pure-bred Siamese.

  22. The article leaves out a ton of the background of the property. It was a plantation named Avalon, owned first by Llewellyn Jones, who was in the first dragoons in the Revolutionary War. The small cemetery behind Morton Hall was the family cemetery. There's a historic marker there now. The property was lost after the Civil War. They left, but the (former) slaves and their descendents stayed. May or may not have ever "technically" owned it, but records were a bit sparse back then and they had been living there a long time by the time this purchase came around.

  23. That's... Peculiar. Do you stand by them when they eat? Maybe they just like the companionship? Or do they prefer to be watched while they eat? I'll need more details about this behavior. 🤔

  24. I usually leave them to it. When I stand around, Bruce seems determined to do his begging floor dance, even when it's obvious I've already put food in the bowls. I feel like I'm just a distraction for him, and I want him to prioritize the food before the other one scarfs most of it down. I'll try standing around for longer and see if it helps.

  25. Oh hmm, do try the ones where you stand by bruce one. But also, maybe he needs those microchip or collar connected to ID food bowls that only opens up when he wants to eat. Sorry for the short reply but it seems like a straightforward case of shy cat is too skittish to eat a lot in one go.

  26. My sister got married in October and her MOH didn't have a significant other so she asked if she could bring a random, and my sister said "it's your plus one, bring whoever you want" which is the correct response.

  27. I mean, I can see both sides. I don't exactly want a bunch of complete strangers in all my wedding pictures. If I've met the plus one before, they're welcome to come (assuming they're not super unbearable).

  28. Having self respect is not holding a grudge though. They’re telling you you’re not worthy of them and then expecting you to accept that and move on. Uh, no. No way. My ILs practice a religion my husband doesn’t any longer and that I never did. They asked like 20 times to clarify we weren’t getting married in a church. We stuck with it because it was OUR wedding and they kept their mouths shut even though I’m sure it made them wildly uncomfortable. Not their marriage. Not their concern. His parents can accept your adult decisions and remain active in your lives or they can use this as a way to damage the relationship they have with their son and his wife and the kids.

  29. Religious intolerance from parents never makes any sense to me. Why would anyone pick religion over their children? Op's inlaws are shitty for not being there for their son.

  30. Having an early ceremony at your parents' home or at a lovely little spot that is accessible to your mother would probably be best. Get a little cake and dress up in your fancy clothes and celebrate. But continue on with the wedding as planned, if that's something you want. But if you canceled people would understand.

  31. i’m the same way, i know my mom loves me desperately and she’s scared for my soul. i just wish we could have a normal relationship without this divide between us, where she believes i will one day be plunged into “eternal damnation” and can’t ever give me a break.

  32. Going low/no contact is the only thing that really speaks to some mothers. I had to go low contact for quite a while with my mom, for my own sanity.

  33. We do have things, but they all have very looooong waiting lists. He does go to school, but there's only so much you can do when you're completely exhausted, unfortunately.

  34. Can he go to school for longer? In America I know disabled kids have the option to go until they're 22 I think. Is there any such loophole in your country?

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