1. Theres a man that frequents the surrey central plaza. He's been there for well over 5 years, which is much longer than i was homeless for. BC and the feds have failed this man and hundreds like him. He is not lazy, nor was i. I just happened to be luckier, and whiter because as much as it pains me to say it, that matters a lot in terms of the unhoused

  2. wow good for you for improving your life. What happened and how did you get out of homelessness?

  3. I wonder, why don’t we have an Alcatraz in Vancouver Island?

  4. probably chinese or russian bots trying to steal your identity.

  5. like it says you can buy videos, pics, premium snapchat. Who is actually responding?

  6. RIP canada line. Are there any requirements for developers to contribute to transit funding when getting these approvals?

  7. The traffic on no.3 and surrounding areas will get much worse. I doubt everyone living there will take the skytrain or the bus.

  8. Sounds about normal. I remember we would always try to hit 100mph back in the day. This was a lunch time back and forth from school lol

  9. If that was my kid, his license will be taken away for a long time. And he will pay every cent of those penalties back with his own money.

  10. In europe there were quality private bathrooms every where. For two euros I was able to have a dignified poop in a luxury, private stall with floor to ceiling coverage that was cleaned in between uses. I'm not sure if the model is economically viable here but there have certainly been a couple occasions were I would have thrown down $100 on the spot for a private, clean place to poop.

  11. that would create jobs for bathroom attendants too. But their laws are different and coin bathrooms are prohibited in BC

  12. It's Asian. Of course there would be a line up. Nobody is going to lineup and post IG about Pogos.

  13. they also have chocolate filled corndogs! kind of like a chewy donut pogo on a stick

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