1. It is pretty hard to pick up a dialect once you are older, unless you give it some effort (compare the dreadful accents that some actors do). Especially if your native accent is very far removed. Einstein grew up in Munich. The local dialect there belongs to a different group of dialects than Swiss German.

  2. Einstein moved to Switzerland in 1895 when he was 26. Surely as a professor he would have greeted colleagues with "Grüezi"? Einstein likely only mastered English as an adult, but it wasn't a language he studied in his youth.

  3. I would discover such a psychological flaw in a woman way before it got to that point, and dumped her.

  4. Is this the same leader who was escorted out of meeting a few weeks ago?

  5. i had an innocent crush on a coworker years ago. we'd talk at work about random things and sometimes even go out for a drink or two after work. during one of these random conversations she told me about her favorite beer that she struggled to find locally. fast forward a few months, some friends and i were going camping so i took a leap and invited her. she accepted the invite and we worked out the details, including sharing a tent, air mattress, and sleeping bag "to make sure neither of us got cold!" as she put it. while shopping for the trip, i happened to find her favorite beer. i didn't go out of my way to find it, this store just so happened to have it so i bought a 12 pack for her/us and surprised her with it our first night camping. 2 days later as we drove home from camping she tells me "the fact that you remember my favorite beer is just too much for me; i don't think we should hang out anymore."

  6. but I thought girls like it when you retain information about their likes, dislikes, especially when she volunteered the information to you herself!

  7. IDK about romantic, but I asked about her aunt Gladys. See, on our second date we had been talking about uncommon names and she mentioned she had an aunt named Gladys. It's her only aunt. Mom only had brothers and dad had one sister and no other subs.

  8. so....did Aunt Gladys pass away? that could be a little delicate but you shouldn't be faulted for having a good memory

  9. The saddest part, is BC born and raised citizen are flocking to Alberta and other provinces because they can't afford the rediculous housing prices. I'd say 75% of the rental listings I see are Chinese owned. Buying up the property to rent it back to our citizens for rediculous prices...

  10. it would be interesting to see what the studies actually say. are the figures actually 75%?

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