1. This! I am not looking for friends and drama. Too many people are and it's strange to me.

  2. Id have more respect for her if she would just come out and say “I love him and im not leaving i dont care 😊”

  3. Exactly. If she just said listen we are in an open thing I don't care what he does when he isn't with me only how he treats me when he is. They do actually seem to get along well when they are sitting in front of each other.

  4. My thought, Tyga has 80k?! No way HE bought that.

  5. Avril is worth over 60 million it says so, buying her own tacky presents?

  6. I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. I love being snarky but not everything is a conspiracy theory and the people who speculate and try to come up with a reason for every little thing any one of them do are pathetic and demonstrating some real FAN behavior….

  7. Exactly the horror that she may be trying to create memories with her child?! He really seems to enjoy it from the pics from the stands.

  8. I think the issue is that she brought the Hulu crew with them to film. The kid didn’t seem happy about that. Otherwise I think he had a good moment aside the cameras in his face.

  9. Hulu is their job. Do I agree with every single parenting choice she makes in regards to the kids being public hell no, but kids on vacations on reality TV is a long-standing subject. Started with Kate plus 8. It's also for being cheap purposes. With hulu=for work=tax write off.

  10. Yes over Kendall. A HOT, rich supermodel out here living her best life. She has no kids or baggage a great ass and smile.

  11. Well i was certainly panicking! Then I played some tetris.

  12. A song she may not have even written. Even if they say they write the songs I doubt they do most of the time.

  13. Same! I can only orgasm once and then I’m way to sensitive to be even touched. It blows my mind other women can have dozens during sex and sometimes I’m jealous that I can only be a one and done kinda gal lol

  14. Not only do I get super sensitive sometimes I just go dry. My body is like well that was nice thanks buddy see you next time this is over now.

  15. Laying with my two cats now but not sure how relaxing it is any movement from me and it is nasty glares

  16. Op does state in the post that she doesn't feel the gf is right for her son....that's pretty much it, gf doesn't fit the template OP has in her head for her firstborn. Wonder how well OP fit the template MiL had for the mother of her grandchildren.... YTA OP, yes, it sounds like she may have been rude and dismissive, but you've been looking for an excuse to do this.

  17. We don't know what the girl is like maybe she is a template no one would want for their son.

  18. She can be the devil incarnate, it doesn't matter. The decision is her son's, not hers.

  19. Doesn't mean parents don't have their opinions. She does however have a decision of who is allowed in her house.

  20. Kendall has the best life of all of them.

  21. I believe she confirmed it when this tour was announced and I'm sure that's what the stupid blonde hair is about.

  22. Rocker blonde wife has more fun or some bs.

  23. I am waiting to see how much time her kids get of hers while Travis is on tour this summer. Is she going to be going with him?

  24. At this point I’d do the same but I’m poor so standards don’t mean much in this economy

  25. I'll do a lot of things for that financial stability.

  26. Hell, I’d do a lot of things just for dental insurance😂

  27. Yeah see a real dentist! Not a student one haha.

  28. I can't even describe my embarrassment if my parents showed up anywhere dressed like that. Poor kids.

  29. It wasn’t after they were married. Him and Hailey were hooking up in 2015 2014 They’re saying he hooked up with Kourtney after that. We know they were seen together in 2015/2016. It was during that time.

  30. Him and Hailey have also both said they didn't have sex until they were married.

  31. Once they got back together in 2018. They hooked up in 2014 to 2016. They made that very clear.

  32. Oh sneaky wording from what I read.

  33. NAH since it's your house, but most women will not be okay with this kind of arrangement. They may not be actual "randoms," but they are unrelated men, and she doesn't want them to have 24/7 access to her space, which is understandable.

  34. Plus what if she is sitting with a friend having girl talk and they just pop over. That is so awkward.

  35. Question: If you two decide to have sex in your living room on a lazy Sunday afternoon does your gf have to be cool with your friends just popping in and seeing her naked?

  36. I feel like there are so many questions. Are his friends actually just popping in when he isn't there to do ..what exactly? I would be so frustrated to come home and have things moved around with no real explanation of who it was. What reason would I have to go to someone's house when they aren't there and do...what.

  37. HOW did she watch this back and say yeah.. go live!

  38. You bet things have changed. We just went to Animal Kingdom for the first time in 10 years which used to be the “half day park” and everything was packed. Thought maybe the crowds would let up by afternoon (it was a Sunday, a lot of people head home or kids get tired) but nope. Stood 3 hrs in line for Flight of Passage, didn’t even get to do the Safari. You do have to have an itinerary of sorts unless you pay for fast pass or whatever system they use now.

  39. That sounds miserable. Would much rather spend my vacations laying on a beach even if it's a little crowded then standing in line.

  40. I’m almost happy my grandma passed away before she saw Disney sink into shit like this. She LOVED that place and I have good memories of being there as a kid. And no desire to go back.

  41. I have never been and have no interest in ever going. However I do think I want to go to Universal, not in the middle of summer but maybe one day.

  42. Your situation seems shit but you are old enough to start making a change for yourself. Idk where you live is there no options to get a job? Get you out of the house and you'll have money to eat and start saving.

  43. I said it on the other thread, too, about Travis. He looks like a creepy older guy who thinks he's the "cool dad" and invites his kids' girl friends to swim at the pool.

  44. He looks like a creepy old man that thinks he's the "cool dad" and invites you to swim in his pool regularly.

  45. It’s crazy how many IT issues a company with billion dollar ships have

  46. Their website is so annoying to navigate! Carnival website is much easier and nicer.

  47. We tried to take our kid to Disney world and realized it was going to be like 3,000 for a 3 day trip, we’re good.

  48. Does that even include food? You can do so many other vacations for less.

  49. Damian feels like a boring dad that Netflix keeps forcing on us via reality shows. Am I missing something about him?? He seems so stale and boring.

  50. Yes they all keep saying oh sexy he is..where?

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