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  1. Back to back world war champions and the space race too 😎😎🥳🥳🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  2. I am no JK Rowling fan but calling Scotland a "colonized nation" is laughable.

  3. seen one of those hashtag hands off haiti accounts , meanwhile it’s a white college girl in massachusetts

  4. Banksy is a criminal and a thug. I think he needs to be arrested and learn to do art on a canvass.

  5. Happy Market. Single-handedly makes my neighborhood walkable. Not cheap and you need to double check anything perishable you buy, but customer service is always great and they have the rare permission to operate like a store in a less puritanical state where groceries beer and liquor can be sold side-by-side. If they ever closed, a big chunk of JP would become a bit of a food desert.

  6. Puritanical is good!!!! We don't want alcohol to poison any more minds!!!!!!!!

  7. Absolutely, I believe with every fibre of my being that Massachusetts is the greatest nation in the world. I think Massachusetts is better than every other state and far far superior to any other country in the world.

  8. Massachusetts is a small state that occasionally goes rogue and drags the rest of the country violently in a more progressive direction.

  9. Don't forget 1620: We were blown off course and now will settle and conquer a new land and plant the seeds of the United States itself!

  10. Just call it the British Empire East of Suez 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 if that is what you want it to be.

  11. So sad, more of the hardworking men and women of Massachusetts will have their money stolen by the wicked and evil gambling industry! I cry for our commonwealth!

  12. I never said that I said I think alcohol ads are in my opinion a bigger problem because of the addictive nature of alcohol. I am all for walkable cities and bike infrastructure.

  13. Dude, I'm just pulling your chain. The reality is that yes, all deaths are ok if they're offset by money or convenience. So Ads will continue. Sucks.

  14. Nooooooo!!!!!! The Moral degradation of our society continues and that dream of a shining city on the hill, a beacon to the nations, seems further than ever from being a reality! I weep for our faire commonwealth and city!

  15. homeschooling should be illegal. parents should have zero say in how their kids are educated. you aren't a consumer of education who gets to complain when it doesn't meet your specific outré standards; the state is training your kids to be normal members of society, you don't get to interrupt that to inculcate your specific mental issues into them.

  16. I firmly disagree, while this case is appalling and in many cases homeschooling fails I do not believe in a liberal and democratic society banning home schooling outright makes sense.

  17. Do you actually have to be a surgeon to be the Surgeon General?

  18. There is actually a free 100% effective form of birth control called abstinence!

  19. But bad for your health and does not work very well anyway. Besides, think of all those wasted gamets. A sin against God.

  20. Actually there is no significant evidence abstinence is bad for ones health.

  21. I hate this stupid movie and I hate that people keep watching it AHHHHHH I am so mad!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😖😖

  22. The Puritans believed so strongly in their "priviledges of the Gospel" that they didn't allow competing religions. Mary Dyer was hanged in Boston for preaching Quakerism. Roger Williams had to flee on a winter night to avoid being arrested on charges of heresy.

  23. Yeah well maybe he should not have been a heretic ever thought of that genius?

  24. It would be nice if we had at least two at least functional parties in this state so we don't end up like Southern California. Hopefully the MassGop gets its act together however I am not holding my breath.

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