1. Someone on Facebook recently said that you age affects whether you get skincare heavy or makeup heavy bags. Older= more skincare, younger = more makeup, but I'm not sure. What I do know for sure is that the longer you are subscribed, assuming you rate your bags and products, you will definitely see that they get to know you better. I've been subscribed since 2015 or so, but I started a new profile in 2019 and when I did that, it took awhile to start seeing more products that were my style. It was noticeably more random when I started the new profile.

  2. I got a sample of the YSL Lash Clash Extreme Volume mascara and I just bought the full size, which is on sale for $20.90 for cyber Monday. I've never used anything like it. I get long, THICK beautiful lashes on the first layer, but when I build it up to a second layer, it looks better than most brands' 5th layer and doesn't flake, smudge or clump (unless I make my lashes chunky on purpose). Best mascara everrrrr

  3. Dude I reached out on support and it’s been silence. No response at all. Good to see it may be a glitch!

  4. I reached out to customer service after the update sometime in the summer and they didn't respond til October. It was regarding a Cashback campaign I was opted into that I didn't want to do. They gave me a generic reply to not worry about cashback campaigns. If it took them 2-3 months to respond to basically nothing, they are probably pretty backed up with inquiries.

  5. I wrote to them, I encourage everyone to do the same to possibly get some attention to the matter.

  6. OP here. This is my first post to this community, and it says posts without comments will be deleted, so here's a comment. Let me know if I'm misinterpreting the rules lol. Thanks!

  7. I believe that only applies to picture posts. They want you to list products shown in pictures. To be safe, always just make a comment with picture posts. So like if you post a screenshot of an email, say what the issue was originally. If you post a bag reveals, comment with the items shown. If you post a spoiler and don't know the products, just say your aren't sure what they are... That kinda thing. They also don't allow you to post free bag offers which means any post with "free bag" in the title gets removed immediately. They usually give you some time to post your comment on picture posts. Hope that helps ☺️

  8. Thanks for the run down! I'm a brand new redditor, and there are so many rules 😂

  9. This sub is really helpful and fun for all things Ipsy. The rules are basically just be respectful, no selling or spamming and if you have a free bag offers, keep it in the designated pinned post.

  10. They do offer gift subscriptions, I'm not sure how to do it, but if not, you can always create an account that you set up with your bank info and give her the log in information so she can make changes. I guess you'd just have to trust that she doesn't buy a lot of extras with your card. Lol, I don't know if this is good or bad advice. Might delete my comment, feeling insecure about it.

  11. Vandals, Mr. T Experience, Frenzel Romb, Screeching Weasel, Guttermouth, Nerf Herder

  12. I canceled my GB, if I reactivate would I be able to participate in choice today?

  13. I got their tiny It's Only Natural mini palette a few months ago and thought the quality was good. I kind of loved that the mini palette was about the size of a credit card. Easy to take if you travel anywhere (it was nice and convenient to bring when staying over at my boyfriend's place too). They are a legit brand specializing in making their own mineral-based products. Leaning towards picking that, since usually when I pick makeup for choice it gives me more makeup, but also still on the fence about skipping and just getting GBP in December (despite the Valentine's Day giraffe bag vibes).

  14. Yay, that makes me happy because I was going to skip December, but I really wanted purple eyeshadow and I love smaller palettes. I lost all of my makeup in a house fire last year and have had no purple all year. I didn't look it up like I usually do so I appreciate the info!!

  15. Obvious things like rocks, shells, fossils, gems, toys, but the "weird" one that I am so sad that I lost in a house fire was paper. Like, fancy or odd, special types of paper. Some small scraps, some full sheets. Nice stationery paper, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, homemade/recycled paper, anything that was "different" I had to keep. I had file folders of it and even though I kept it in plastic bins, when my house burned down, it all got ruined. I tried to dry some of it out, but it smelled so bad I had to get rid of most of it. It was always fun to bust it out when my kids wanted to do crafts and it still makes me sad that I lost it. I'd had some of those papers since I was really young. I've started collecting again, but paper is not as common as it used to be.

  16. I don't like wearing lotion because it's so hot where I live, but this brand actually absorbs so well I love it. I am soooo picky about body lotion and this is one of maybe like 3 brands I've ever used regularly. I've only tried the blue, but it's nice.

  17. I'm kind of afraid to even respond to these types of posts anymore because I've been harassed in my inbox for "complaining about free products" but I definitely think that the update had an impact on things. I used to get surveys and at least 1 product a month and it has slowed down quite a bit. I received the Fresh For Fall Co-Op box last month, but before that was in August when I received some protein bars. I've reviewed over 300 products that are almost all beauty related. They say it's demographics and a bit of luck, but I am a 35 year old (ex) esthetician (I take excellent care of my skin and do makeup pretty well if I do say so myself 😬) and I feel like income, location and interests would be somewhat desirable to brands, but I'm not seeing it. BzzAgent sends me neat things, but also not beauty related.

  18. Arizona is a great place to live if you hate people or leaving your house. There's a good mix of native Americans, elderly snowbirds, elderly OG rednecks, drug addicts on the street, addicts in recovery who work for the many rehab and detox facilities, people who came on vacation and can't leave because of probation, cops, Mexican Americans trying to prove they belong, illegal Mexicans who dgaf, Trump-loving redneck assholes, college students, skateboarders, Mormons and couch potatoes. It's hot as fuck for 4-6 months of the year... It can get up to 120°F and I recall one year we went near 200 days without measurable rain. Then the not hot season is nice and we enjoy hiking in the desert, skateboarding and anything not indoors. We justify all of it because it doesn't snow and we have very little threat of natural disasters. No theme parks, not much water, guaranteed to get burned in some way or another real quick whether physically, by the law or the ratchet humans you call neighbors 🤷‍♀️

  19. I got this, but I am most hoping for the hair dye. I chose every hair color besides silver so maybe I will get to color my hair green 💚

  20. I googled and I don't think that it's supposed to look like that... Or is it? I giggled a little. Strange packaging design if it isn't broken 😜

  21. I can't sit and listen to Billie Eilish, but I loved this song for the finale. I'm not a Billie Eilish hater, don't come for me lol. I think she's cool, just not my music preference. I liked it so much at that moment I Shazamed it though.

  22. Huh so you had to Shazam the song but you knew enough about her to say you don’t like her?

  23. I've heard Billie Eilish and I think she's a cool chick, but I listen to a lot of punk rock and just, not that style of music... So while I have only barely given her a chance, that song hit different in that moment.

  24. I didn't know until I Shazamed it and was like, "whoa, really?" Because the song was so perfect, I actually liked it. Sorry, worded it weird.

  25. Wait people gotta pay $1.99 for the free bags now???

  26. Well that explains why all 5 of mine weren't redeemed last time. If I had known, I would have been up front about that. I thought it was an error with Ipsy because some of them told me they never got the invite 🤥

  27. Coupon!? Do you mind sharing the 4 categories you choose? I wish they would’ve sent you a box of immunity shots to try for 30 days. That’s more like it!

  28. Right? It's a coupon for a very specific flavor too. Immunity Watermelon Strawberry Probiotic Shot... I hope I can find it in the store lol. I think this is from old BzzAgent so it's hard to say what my interests were. On the new platform I have Art/Crafts/Photography, Fashion, Beauty and Travel/Outdoors 🤷‍♀️

  29. I hope you can find it on your first try! I get that you choose Travel/Outdoors as an interest, BUT that doesn’t mean you want to go on scavenger hunts looking for products! BzzAgent knew that’s NOT what you meant but still sent a coupon. If you’re cool with it….Im cooler than a polar bears toenails. I’m just saying, you DESERVE the luxury of having it delivered to your door too😂

  30. I live in a Metropolitan area, I'm sure I'll find it. I agreed to receive the coupon 🤷‍♀️

  31. My baby is 11 days old. I can hold him like a little football all day long. He’s small and adorable. So much smaller than the newborns on tv that appear to be about 6 months old.

  32. Aww, congrats on the babeh! I've been babysitting my nephew since he was 3 weeks old twice a week and he is still smaller than some of the tv/movie "newborns" I see at 3 months old. I understand why they can't make it more realistic of course, but since I'm with a baby so often and have had 2 of my own, it always makes me scoff a little... Like, no way -.-

  33. Met a girl named Katyri (pronounced kat-eerie). It means "lily" she told me. I always just thought it sounded magical.

  34. I received it, but unfortunately cancelled my sub right after I paid for October so I have no access to the store lol

  35. I would say don’t use ali express but that’s just me

  36. Before you buy from AliExpress, you should check out Temu. It's basically the same items for cheaper, free shipping and it will arrive within a week. Also, I like the green set. You don't need so many, but I like that rounded, wand looking one.

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