1. The longest lasting lipstick I've ever used (and I'm a lipstick junkie from dollar store to Dior) is Maybelline Vinyl Ink or their Superstay matte liquid lipstick. They are equally long lasting, but the Vinyl Ink feels a bit lighter and shines more, whereas the other one is a little thicker and totally matte. Both are amazing and my #1 pick across all brands, price points, whatever.

  2. The Vinyl Ink is so so good. I have three of them now. Red Hot, Royal, and Charged. These stay on, even after dinner and kissing. I joke with my boyfriend how he's going to help me test out my new lip colors.

  3. That's good to know because I love e.l.f. and haven't tried that one yet. Definitely going to check it out. Another thing I love about the Vinyl Ink is that it comes in soooo many shades and they even have special edition colors. It's just a really great product. You can eat messy, oily food and it stays put. I've tried so many brands and for the price, it's 100% worth it.

  4. Noooo! I didn’t see it, well I can only see what the email snippet showed me. I’m soooo curious now! Please tell me!!! Lmao No worries my dude! It often takes people a moment to realize just how freaking hilarious I am. Lol 😎💖 but ya, her name is Jan…

  5. Well, let me just say first of all that this has always been a very friendly and supportive subreddit and lately I see lots of negativity and people attacking people who complain about Ipsy. I thought you were saying "Yeah, okay, this is a BS post" so I basically turned into a total hypocrite and said this is why I was hesitant to post this in the first place, why do people feel the need to tell people off on the internet, does it give them joy to sock it to em... I dunno why I got so defensive. Personal problems probably lol anyway, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything like that even if you had been rude. Uncalled for.

  6. DO NOT stress over this. You’re good, we’re all quick to react every now and then. The important thing is that you’re self aware enough to realize you made an incorrect assumption. The problem is the people that have no self awareness. Anyway, I have posted a complaint or two myself here on the IPSY sub so I’d never trash anyone for doing the same. I love Ipsy, I love the products, the brands and just the general concept of the service/membership. That being said they are not with out flaws. My post and comment history on here and just in general for the most part is relatively positive however I just made a post on here a couple days ago about a ‘free gift with purchase item’ being shipped out and arriving before my actual purchase. Ipsy is great but not perfect so I am the last person that is going to trash talk someone for a legit issue or venting.

  7. Thank you. Yeah, I am on the fence about contacting them further. I ASKED if this was considered full sized and that was her reply. I could demand a replacement, but I feel I've been contacting them a lot lately so I might just leave it alone. The rest of my bag was decent.

  8. If there is a "?" over the bag, it's not guaranteed to be that bag, just so everyone knows. I've seen people very upset on this sub because they ordered just for the bag and something else came. I didn't even get that bag during April or May last year when I was supposed to! Just don't get your hopes up or order just for the bag. If you look at the other options, the November mystery GB isn't showing a "?" And that's the most common replacement bag I've seen people get this year.

  9. I got that in the first ever GBX and loved it. I was sad when it was gone, but didn't repurchase just because I had tons of primer at the time.

  10. I get this email quite often. It's just a generic Ipsy email. I don't pay much attention to them anymore because they are all bait to make you shop (I do that when I want to enough lol) AND you have to be careful because some will charge you upfront if you click (the ones that advertise GBX, now IconBox for example).

  11. Smell and taste. Had a really bad experience with a girl who made me gag, and I am honestly scared since then. I have also heard women say that it’s better to not thoroughly wash because of PH balance. So if that’s her natural smell/taste then I don’t want to force her to mess up her PH to make me ok enough to go down.

  12. I think females need more education on our vaginas as we grow up. Washing with harsh soaps and hot water down there messes with our PH balance, but cleaning with cool water and the right soaps on the outside keeps everything fresh. You should never wash inside the hole and that would cause even more odor in the long run. I've found in my female partners that a lot of the funk can come from the area where the legs fold from sweat, especially more plump women. Usually if there is a strong unpleasant smell, it's because something is off. Everyone has their own smell of course, but you shouldn't need to wash right before sex to make it bearable for your partner. I feel like people who "match" better enjoy each other's natural odors more too, but that's entirely my own opinion and goes for both men and women. I've smelled more smelly penises than stinky vaginas, but I've also been with more males than females 🤷‍♀️

  13. I don’t know tbh. I just defer to women’s opinions of vaginal cleanliness because I don’t have one myself lol. It seems to be a very polar topic, so I feel like it’s best to just let women do what they think is best and for me to mostly avoid giving oral. I don’t want to police a girl on what to do or how to clean her vagina lol, that sounds way more ridiculous than just preferring not to go down.

  14. That's fair and I can imagine discussing a woman's hygiene practices would be pretty off-putting for her 😅 I just really don't think things like this are discussed when we are growing up and learning how to groom ourselves. I always thought baths were a great way to get clean when I was a little girl, but it turns out sitting in bacteria can cause infections down there. I didn't learn that until I was grown and you'd think that kind of valuable information would be more well known.

  15. I worked at a department store with 2 of my best friends when we were 19-20 and one of my friends had an accident at work.

  16. OMG I didn't know I got an actual award too 😃 I think that's my first one ever. Thank you!! 💜

  17. Quit being such a brat! Your parents are strict because they care. Don't run away, stay with your parents until you are able to support yourself. Drugs are bad and will ruin your life. Stay in school, you're an honor student for fuck's sake! You don't need anyone's approval or love from anyone but yourself. Get that medical degree you've always dreamed of! Being a 15 year old runaway, meth-addicted high school dropout is not "cool" and trauma is hard to fix!

  18. I went almost a year with maybe 3 surveys which yielded 1 product. I've gotten 2 products in the last month even though I'm only getting maybe 3 surveys a month (which I'm still super happy about after that dry spell). I think a lot more people are using BzzAgent and that they are picking who they want and not so much sending out surveys to more people hoping for a more random pool. Idk if that makes sense, I got interrupted by a phone call lol

  19. Be careful or Hey Honey if you have a dog, they use xylitol which is poisonous, don’t let them give kisses if you just applied and don’t leave anywhere they can get to it!

  20. I went with the Purlisse moisturizer, I really liked everything I got by them from Ipsy.

  21. This lip stain is in Flash and I’m tempted because I really want to try more lip stains! Have you tried it? Is it like a traditional stain? For some reason the description and photo have me worrying it’s more like a liquid lipstick.

  22. I got it from points and it's not a lip stain so much as a liquid lip and Ipsy's pic is accurate on the color.

  23. I thought it was good quality, but far from exciting. I feel like they listened and offered more well known brands, but that means brands we've seen a million times. I don't know what to think. I picked the Oryza Watermelon Lip Balm, but I might skip.

  24. I picked the Nue Co. Supa Thick. I've heard good things about it.

  25. I really like that brand, but I've never tried their hair stuff. I don't hear people talk about it much, but my skin loves the serum and cleanser.

  26. Idk why I said that, it's early. I'm not skipping during the first month after the changes. I want to see what I get, test it out.

  27. How much did they actually pay for these palettes if "saving" on not packing them well makes up for the refunds and accommodation orders??

  28. I've seen people receive perfectly intact PMG palettes. That was my attempt at a joke.

  29. Maybe the reason they are even IN Ipsy this month is because PMG had a bunch of damaged products up for auction and Ipsy said, "We can sell these 😉"

  30. I tried one of the abh brow gels from an ipsy order and ended up throwing it away. It may be user error but I couldn't seem to use it without getting it all over my face and skin. Couldn't seem to get it just on the eyebrow hair. And the clear one seemed worse than my nyx clear gel.

  31. I just tried the brow gel I got in my GBP this month (one of Ipsy's picks for me). First of all, I would never choose a brow gel since I have hardly any brow hair, but I tested it anyway and it's a mess. I hate it. I don't even want to give it away. I'll probably toss it.

  32. Im not surprised. They were deleting comments when people were calling them out about Basic beauty. But couldn't be bothered to delete transphobic comments on their Transgender Day of Remembrance post.

  33. This certainly excites me; however, I don’t get too excited about spoilers bc it seems like I only get access to a couple of them either for choice or with add ons. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised? 🤞

  34. I wake up at 5am on choice day when I've signed up for GBP in the past (maybe 2-3 times a year)... I live in AZ so that could be Pacific time or Mountain time depending on the time of year (we don't have daylight savings) and I feel like I always get shafted anyway. I resub because of spoilers and then they aren't offered to me. I got GBP for March and I'm going to stay subscribed for April to see if that makes a difference. I just have product overload when I stay subscribed every month. The spoilers are really exciting to me for April so I really hope to see at least some of them 🤞

  35. Anyone eyes get a teeth whitening kit? Am I wrong or is this kinda weird. x.x

  36. I've seen a few others receive this and I have to tell you, I'm sooo jealous lol 😆 I got a Huda Beauty Highlight palette, a tiny lipstick and some dual ended brushes so I definitely am happy with what I got (the palette was shattered, but it's still nice), but I think that teeth whitening thing is amazing! Someone on here said it works really well too! Congrats 👏👏

  37. It could be phlegm if he smokes a lot. Like spitting mucous? I'm struggling to explain, hope it makes sense.

  38. A car, a vacation, to own my own home, a wedding (my boyfriend and I have been engaged for 12 years 😂), a cut & color in a salon (I do my own), a full body mirror, my kids to have their own rooms, a robotic vacuum, washer & dryer, dishwasher

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