1. I was so confused at the right side for the longest time. The left side might be the most disgusting display of racism I’ve ever seen.

  2. My ex is from Toronto and hooked up with The Weeknd. She said he was nice and asked if he could cum on her face (she said yes).

  3. Donald Glover isn’t even close to dying alone. And I doubt he’d approve of this shitty meme.

  4. Ah alright, let me just quit my job and relax throughout the day in a cardboard box cause I’ll be homeless.

  5. They are saying it’s safe now but no new amber alert

  6. I like to have a clean pair when I’m sleeping so twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

  7. I thought it smelled like strong chlorine

  8. California has its problems like everywhere else but it’s an incredible place.

  9. I saw Olivia’s Instagram and came running. I love that they hired her lol. Congrats!

  10. Some of us choose to not have kids because we can barely exist ourselves

  11. I came to Dallas from Scotland for a week and I can’t wait to go back- I thought it was a fantastic city but I think part of that was the sheer scale and “Americanism” that I’d never experienced before. I guess the charm is very different if it’s something your used to.

  12. As someone from the northeast Texas was strange for me too. Too much open space and the phrase that everything is bigger in Texas is so true. Even the flags were bigger than anything I’d ever seen.

  13. Miami. I know a lot of people love it there, but it is just not my scene. Walking along the ‘strip’ to find a place for a meal was so unpleasant. It was crowded, overpriced and very pushy salespeople.

  14. The beach is great, but the extra fees for everything make it not worth it. I guess you can get an Airbnb with a kitchen and make your own meals.

  15. I just went there today. The prices are incredible honestly. Plus the owner was super nice. I love that it’s so close to us. We will definitely be shopping here as much as we can.

  16. That’s awful and all on her. In some places posting nudes without your consent is illegal. You should see if you can take legal action against her.

  17. I wasn’t a manger but a teenager working a part-time job. Dude got mad I gave him an extra quarter. He seemed mentally unwell. Another time, when I was a supervisor a woman did not like that an associate looked at her Apple Watch during the transaction and freaked out on her. She said she’d be back when I didn’t force the associate to apologize and grovel at her feet, but I never saw her again. Go figure.

  18. Have you seen New York when it’s trash day? It’s awful. The bags rip and the trash goes everywhere. On top of that, the outer boroughs are way trashier and less maintained. The only really nice and clean part is lower Manhattan. I actually feel cleaner in Philadelphia. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Wow. I’ve cut my own hair better than the left side. I’m sure another hairstylist could fix it easily for you though. The damage doesn’t look too bad. If you want to be brazen and fix it yourself I learned how to do it semi-decently through YouTube videos. Probably not recommended though.

  20. What is going on here though? Lol. This looks more strange than anything.

  21. Most places in the southeast are not culturally diverse. I’d say other than Florida, Atlanta is your best bet. But I’ve heard it’s gotten more expensive recently. The northeast will have more diversity. I was also a super lonely Hispanic person in the southeast (NC). My friendships are of way higher quality and frequency in Philly.

  22. I don't know. The South is pretty diverse compared to places like Colorado and the PNW. I lived in Colorado for 1.5 years and I probably saw a black person twice in that time.

  23. I agree that it’s more diverse than Colorado or Portland, but it’s still mostly white. I never met another Puerto Rican in all my time living there. Or a Dominican. Or a Haitian. I’d say Texas and Florida are the most diverse in the south with Atlanta mixed in. But Texas isn’t the southeast.

  24. I lived near that stop for a while and it’s fine. I’m not dead. Living in Inwood was more dangerous for me.

  25. Hopefully Amanda can get the help she needs without all this turning into the kind of media circus that surrounded Britney and poor Shelley Duvall when Dr. Phil used her problems as a cheap grab for ratings.

  26. She’s been struggling with this for a while now. It was a media circus for the first few years. She’d tweet concerning or nonsensical things and act out of character. The media has backed off her a bit now that mental health has been de-stigmatized to a certain extent.

  27. He’s only talking about the women he’s attracted to of course. Cause he probably thinks he deserves someone out of his league.

  28. To each their own but those shorts look so uncomfortable. I feel like I’d be picking out a wedgie the entire time wearing them.

  29. Because it doesnt make sense, the "spark" if you find a person attractive in both looks and personality then what is the spark that is missing?

  30. Humans are weird. Something chemical might not click. Also, people have different tastes. Someone could be conventionally attractive, but not everyone is going to be attracted to that person.

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