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  1. Don't recognize the particular tag but looks like one of the Euro prints from the hamburg show in 84 to me. May be a boot, but definitely screams legit.

  2. Yah it’s double stitched and made in Honduras

  3. I can't say with 100 percent certainly, but colortone double stitch screams reprint to me.

  4. Size on the panther Harley shirt / interested in selling?

  5. It's tagged a large, ibcould get measurements tonight. Definitely open to sell if the price is right. Dm me.

  6. Late 90's early 2000's, This is just before they switched to the two tone grey tag in the early 2000's. Also around the same time they stopped production in the US.

  7. I guess it kind of depends, I usually say that it's worth what someone's willing to pay. I usually see pieces like this go for 25-30 bucks? If it's an especially sought after graphic it may be more.

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