1. Jae just tricked us into thinking that he went back to his natural hair color (blonde) /lh

  2. I would not like this but probably Weeekly. Ever since Jiyoon's departure I haven't heard news from them

  3. They've performed at many festivals and events since then, and the members have activities.

  4. At this point we can't do nothing about it. Let's support Jae as much as we can, and just let the haters be. Like he said, his music will do the talking.

  5. Having witnessed the band as 5 prior to the hiatus, there are no words to describe how much I was dumbfounded with the decisions the 4 made to renew with JYPE. OT5 back then seemed to have a bond that would never break and i could see them continuing for more than 7 years together. Even when the hiatus happened and they decided to not promote (for reasons that we know) and EoD debuted with WTSS, it seemed like their bond got even stronger. But at the same time it was clearly evident that Stuj saw EoD as an opportunity not only to keep Day6's name on the map (which is good) but also attract a new audience who would - in my opinion - be quite different from Day6's usual listeners.

  6. They were complaining as if Jae never showed how ambitious he was even with Day6... like Jaesix was litterally created by Jae for the band to gain traction with potential western fans. Jae managing to make Day6 go to 88rising was not for nothing either...

  7. His "this love" performance is absolutely great, thinking that he was only 19 and did not even have any vocal training prior. I can see why JYP signed him back then.

  8. Do you think that Jae might sing/cover a Day6 song in his concerts (Like above the clouds for exemple🥺)

  9. God bless for that! The most annoying part of it was that his manager didn't even care to talk to him seriously like stop doing this fans have no business on your music career and how much your tickets or albums gonna cost (plus he has zero reality check about costs ) so im glad he stopped doing that. You can be friendly but still you are an artist and fans are fans don't cross the line and Jae was doing it all the time cause the problem ain't him being involved it was that he was involving fans into it. Even not taking care himself or trying to built and image was so wrong.. and still his manager letting him going to interviews like a broke man . Image and presenting yourself decently is not a kpop thing is a global thing and applies to every job more to public figures! Jae was still on his rebelion phase and his ex management didn't even bother to do something about it . Glad all this changed now and he keeps his mouth shut till everything is official and he acts more professional and presents himself nicely.

  10. "Like a broke man"😂😂😂😂 but for real i even ignored twt clips where Jae talked about physicals or not because my "job" as a fan is to support you and what you put out whether it be music, merch... from the moment fans care too much about how it will be released, the gymnastics around the industry, a line between the fan and the artist is already crossed and supporting an artist should be a hobby after all (and thinking about it is stressful ngl).

  11. I did not want to make a whole post about what i'm about to say but it would be so cool if eaJ and RM could collab🥺🥺🥺🥺 (it might be because my brain made an analogy with Jae loving the moon+RM moonchild, but also because some songs on mono like seoul could feat eaj's vibe)

  12. Based of talent only, definitely NMIXX. Now for the quality of the songs/comeback IVE!!!

  13. Forest is so comforting for me... it feels like it was written for us!!! Eden comes in close second. I wonder what the studio version will sound like cause the instruments solo where FIRE especially the keys and the drums!!!

  14. I wanted to add a precision in my opinion. Since there are different charts in America for different genres (adult contemporary, rock, folk, rnb) the success of Jae will be in building a steady fanbase. Someone for exemple can be #1 in the country billboard charts and not be ranked at all in the billboard hot 100 charts. Hitting the hot 100 means that the general public knows you, but it does not necessarily mean that you'll keep a faithful fandom over the years.

  15. I believe that Jae will be a successful indie artist in America. He has connections (one of many being 88rising that can already secure a part of his new audience) and his fandom, while small, is really supportive and could play a big part in streams or album sales.

  16. Is it just me or does SKZ's Can't Stop doesn't sound like a Day6 song to me even though I've seen plenty of comments saying this + Hong Jisang produced it?

  17. For me it sounds like a Day6 song!! The harmonies at the start, the way the chorus is structured. It could be a song featured either in Entropy but if feel like it would fit more EoD'style, with more synth and less drums

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