1. This is what I’m gonna do if Frequency doesn’t release another banger album for AC6.

  2. You know man, just because a woman does not have tits larger then their waist does not mean they are young. This mindset that “height+chest size=age” really needs to die off because it’s stupid and unrealistic.

  3. I honestly think your looking too far into it man. Unless the character is designed to straight up looks like they are in primary school, most petite anime girls tend to have proportions you can find many real people/women in the real world do.

  4. Not even close. If you want some Armored-esque figures, I’d reccomend Transformers father-now son line, Diaclone.

  5. Have you been living under a rock for the past 20 years? Gif hentai has always been a thing.

  6. They are both perfect as they are. I hate art like this.

  7. Redditors on their way to defend the rights of a fictional cartoon drawing while ignoring actual child abuse victims in need.

  8. Well, can’t just have the kitten out in the open otherwise there will be issues

  9. The legendary Coom Stone, which details all waifus in existence.

  10. A tank won’t do fucking shit to a warship… or an giant mechanical sea monster with guns.

  11. How about fucking neither of them? Anime existed before either of these three, and theres been tons of amazing fantasy anime over the years.

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