1. His family is putting pressure on me by saying they are scared of what will happen to him without me. I am too but I'm scared of myself if I stay

  2. So? It is their responsibility to get him the help he needs. Not yours. His inability to be honest is not going to ever change. He will drag you down and destroy your sense of safety. I usually don’t recommend ending a relationship, but this one is not worth saving.

  3. Just be careful. You know? It sounds like his family is going to say hurtful things but you should keep in mind that you are doing what is best for you. And not in a selfish way either. You are simply saving. Yourself from a dangerous and honestly traumatic future.

  4. Yeah but there has to tons of ways to make it faster in a well insulated house

  5. Go outside and see what way the wind is blowing, and try to influence the draft through your apartment in the same direction by opening all the windows and having the fan blow out the far window. Rather than trying to suck in cold air from the side facing the wind.

  6. THANK YOU! It’s so much better now, actually, it started to get quite chilly 🥶

  7. The reason this works so well is because when you are pushing out of a window and going with the wind, it creates a suction/siphon effect and drags cold air in from all the windows. Glad I could help!

  8. I kicked all of the negative and toxic people out of my life and pressed on. Now I have a job I was never clever enough to dream of and my friends make me very happy and all we do is laugh together. It gets better when you stop thinking about how much better it could be, and start focusing on the grind to make it better.

  9. It’s easy to get along with any and all lgbt peoples. Easy to love most of them. But racism is ignorance by choice and fueled by stubbornness. It’s so difficult to be around. This really isn’t fair to the gay community.

  10. Hey I’m sorry if u feel some type of way but this is all in good fun. Trust me I’m pretty sure gays would get the most vote

  11. I think it’s quite obvious that “gays” would get the most votes lol. I just like taking any chance I can to belittle racism. But for real, putting being gay alongside being racist is like saying would you rather have your teeth kicked in or leave your zipper down for a week.

  12. Just talk to him. Tell him that you don’t appreciate when he assumes how or what you will do. You are still developing as a person and although he knows you very well, not even you can assume what you will do next.

  13. Me and my friends are doing this challenge. (Not double life, but third life). One of them built a house in the nether. Very risky, but its hard to attack. One built an underwater base near an ocean monument to use the mining fatigue. One tried and died making a base underground. (Never dig straight down). And one has a very simple house that he moves every session. Thats my take on this challenge. This is a small version of my base.

  14. From a playing perspective, this is a great idea. Like I said, you’d probably win. But if you’re streaming or recording it people will likely get bored quickly.

  15. You should also try one of these challenges btw. Its very fun.

  16. The last two updates have made the game laggy on my switch and I haven’t replaced my computer yet. But once I’m back up and running I’d love to

  17. Personal freedoms. Letting other people live the way they are comfortable with, without judgment or oppression. Getting rid of the idea of “my way is best for you”

  18. If you have money and are unhappy, more money won’t solve your problems.

  19. I constantly downplay my intelligence (saying I don’t know something that I do know) so people aren’t surprised when I do something obviously wrong. And when I am oblivious to something common sense wise, I just play it off by saying “oh yeah, brief lapse of judgement” in a tone that clearly indicates I just learned something new. I guess I hide my ignorance with humor.

  20. You thinking about sex? Are those thoughts fantasies? You’re horny. If you see someone and get a curiosity about what they look like with their mouth on your genitals, you’re horny.

  21. Same way birds build nest. Instinct. Just like a cell reproducing or a dragonfly hunts it’s prey. Every living creature has naturally occurring instincts. Things we learn during development that aren’t necessarily told to us or taught. Like how to swallow or breathe.

  22. Working at a trucking yard. I saw a dude pull off and make a sharp turn without making sure the trailer was actually locked into his truck. So a fully loaded 40’ semi trailer slammed into the ground and not only caused a lot of damage to the trailer, but he blocked access to the scale which a driver can’t leave without being weighed, and they can’t be loaded or unloaded without being weighed. So he vaulted productivity for a whole day while we waited on the big machinery to come in and lift and move the trailer. Doesn’t sound like much, but seeing the owner of the yard completely lose his shit was priceless.

  23. Lol my favorite drink is Str-orange-berry crush. You mix orange crush and strawberry crush (preferably from glass bottles) 50/50 over ice. It is sweet and tangy and deserves to be more popular. I’m a guy. And I am a year from being 30. But I really just wanted to share my favorite drink lol.

  24. Start a bloody and brutal war on the rich. Abolish paper currency and neutralize all wages. Disrupt the economy in ways that completely dismantle society so people will have to either work together to rebuild or let the world descend into chaos.

  25. If you have known each other for at least a year, probably. You should discuss these kinds of things. It’s difficult to be honest sometimes, but those are the times that it is most important. If you have only recently met, just take time to get to know each other more. You never know when feelings might develop.

  26. The entire “I hope we both die” playlist on Spotify. I forget who made it, but I have been listening to it every day since last October.

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