1. Wow that was insanely dumb. We are all dumber now for reading this

  2. Ice cream cake, lemon slushee, lime sherbet, sherbhead, super lemon haze….for contrast these are my current favorites Orange 43, Lemon Dosidos, White Truffle, Layer Cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, White Hot Guava, Chocolope….for various medical conditions and enjoyment

  3. Lime sherbet, lemon dosi and PUD Cake is Fiya. Miss me with that

  4. Oh okay. Thanks. That makes so much more sense. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Actually. To correct you. It was a mistake and I was told this directly from the provider.

  6. Check out Buckeyes Instagram and you’ll see their sale ✌🏾 picked 3 of these up specifically for this price buddy. This sale was state wide. I’m no where near you and had that sale at my dispensary

  7. are you apart of the community? it’s sayings it’s private

  8. We are definitely trying our best! Not taking so long with your budtender and having a online order ready that you aren’t making constant changes too speeds all this up. There’s only 6 registers and 200k patients In the state alone. This is more about how long patients are taking

  9. 9lb hammer is jinproox, not subcool. Sub was a pos towards the end

  10. Benefits of Rough Cut over Smalls or Budlettes? I just picked up 14.5g of Lime Sherbet smalls for $80, and they're very potent

  11. Ya'll be safe, those people work hard and need to get home before it gets bad

  12. I’ve seen many pigs eat many men! It was a blood bath!

  13. No.... No!! That happened to me!! I was there!!

  14. POW rolls all their stuff in Keif so it test higher. Not a fan

  15. It would be nice and way more helpful if all dispensaries were required to list the "specs" for each item. We can't look at anything before we purchase it which sucks because we all want to know what we're getting before we buy something right? At the very least, knowing what's it in before we waste a butt load of money on something would be nice. Instead I've had many times where I've gotten home and read the label and was then so disappointed because it's not what i wanted or needed or thought i was getting. I go to sunnyside. The only thing they show on their menu is thc and thca, maybe cbd content. No terp, genetic makeup, delta 8, etc info. I want to know everything before I purchase... not just if it's indica or sativa and a thc percentage. It's taken me almost a year to figure out what does and doesn't work for me. That's a lot of time and money. This program NEEDS transparency more than anything. That and better regulations so they can't pass things off for anything else unless it truly is what they are advertising. For now I Google and look stuff up on here before I purchase. Good old Ohio 😆

  16. Seeds in your plants is a indicator of stress. That’s why it hermied out. Starting of with realizable top notch genetics is key. You probably didn’t get anywhere near the yield or potency. It’s just science

  17. You got lucky. Still had hermy traits. There’s always the one exclusion to the rule

  18. They all suck. Some are better than others.

  19. 95% of bud tenders ? Lmao I’m sure you know ALL the stuff

  20. Dispensary employees chuckle a bit when people get this strain. It’s gross. Everyone knows the 🔥 is in the low THC buds

  21. Many agents I’ve talked to don’t even buy their stuff through the program because they know it’s overpriced and don’t want to give their checks right back to the company.

  22. That’s also illegal and will get licenses yanked. Just because someone told you something in confidence dosent mean you should spread that sentiment. We know the system isn’t perfect but we have SOMETHING. Say least you won’t get stabbed trying to buy weed in a sus area. We work really hard sometimes over 10 hour shifts just to make sure we see every patient. Sometimes without brakes. We are trying our best

  23. It helps us do our job better. That’s why we do it. You don’t make a profit running this kind of business for atleast 5 years. I see how much they pay cultivators. They aren’t makin a killing. The licensing alone can be over 250k. We are in it, we know what’s going on

  24. When you force them to go to one particular person in town and then make them stand outside in 12 degree temperatures to overpay that one guy. I do get pissed at injustices like the sick being taken advantage of by the rich but moreso I'm just speaking passionately about something I feel strongly about.

  25. You do know most businesses including dispensaries aren’t profitable for about 5 years? They are taking all the risk so why not reap some reward. The bitterness is insufferable

  26. We have patients like this all the time that believe they deserve to be helped faster then others. You know you live in Ohio right ? Prepare for it or get your weed from the dude at the corner store. We are all trying our very best without being shit on constantly

  27. It's not indica, it's a hybrid of indica/sativa. All strains are these days.

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