1. Argh. So much FOMO. I had picked the Tarte shape tape too but decided to cancel December GB so I could spend my monthly Ipsy budget on gifts. I would’ve loved to receive this bag.

  2. I found out my GF is getting this foundation in her bag (she chose the hair mask) so I’m hoping she’ll let me try hers when it arrives.

  3. GUys I got 2 of the same bags...... only difference was the shade of foundation from MY PICK...

  4. You might be talking to them too often. I also notice that the longer I have my caretaker, the more they gather more frequently. So every time i switch my caretaker, it takes awhile for them to gather more things.

  5. Good point! You’re right. I collected after only one cycle because the time changed while I had the game open and was decorating my campsite. Normally I would not collect again so soon but it was just a chance coincidence that the time changed while I was hanging out at my campsite. I guess that’s why I never saw it give only one item before.

  6. I can’t speak on caretaker dialogue because I only talk to mine once a day, and don’t pay attention to what they say, but them collecting one item is normal, if there’s no event going on, you’ve completed the villager requests, and you’re talking to them after only 1 cycle

  7. Ooooh! That makes so much more sense. I never realized it was different when it’s between months and there’s no event.

  8. I’m using the same terrain right now and I love it. What sky is that? I like how vibrant the sunset is.

  9. I love that you have each of them dressed up so uniquely.

  10. This is so great!! I was just looking at similar lipstick organizers online the other day but I think my collection is too random to fit right and look as nice as yours. 🥲

  11. Ohhhhhhhhh my god oh my god I love the shop buildings in the top left so much!! And it looks like they're probably not cooki3 items!! I bet they're scavenger hunt and the biggest one rakes tickets ofc hahaha, but I'll probably be taking that! :'D

  12. I think those shops will be the garden event (I’m hoping, anyway) because the little pinecones bowls and pine trees in two colors right above the shops look like they could be the “flowers.”

  13. Haven’t gotten mine. Supposed to arrive in 3 days.

  14. I instead like it a lot. Just applied some, for the second time within the last hour, love the scent. How do you like the foot cream scent? I found it really overwhelming. 😳

  15. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a sense of smell! Just born this way. Same as my little sister. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. Oh, I see. Maybe this is kind of an advantage, avoiding all the bad scents. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Sometimes! I can’t smell skunks, cat litter boxes, baby diapers, other people’s puke when I’m cleaning it up. Definitely has its advantages! 🤣

  18. I don’t think it’s about “right” or “wrong.” It should be more about how you feel or want to feel.

  19. Muppets probably won’t be included but I could see the older ones being included

  20. Good luck! Ticket site kept crashing today and we weren’t able to get any fan presale today for the show in Seattle. 😭😭😭

  21. I only get Ipsy GB monthly. I get Allure 3-4 times a year if I really like their spoilers but I always cancel as soon as it ships, never stay subscribed.

  22. 100. That’s the limit of furniture items allowed regardless of their size.

  23. Whelp. Looks like I figured out what my GF is getting for Christmas this year. 💅💄🎨🎁

  24. No way that’s a dog! What dog has those thick whiskers like that? None. It’s a fox.

  25. I caught all of mine by using the river throw nets. It took me 8 nets to catch all 3 salmon I needed.

  26. Ah, I wish. But I live downtown by Pike Market, thus no car to come get it with because parking is insaaaaaaaaaaane over here so I sold it. My 16 yr old dachshund and 13 yr old chihuahua would’ve loved to take the food.

  27. Yeah, the news is exaggerating a bit. A large chunk of Americans actually can't come up with $400 in an emergency.

  28. Yeah. Came here to say this exact sentiment. I have $553 cash, $0 savings, and about $5000 medical debt. 😩😩😩

  29. The even worse thing is I can't think of a lot of emergencies where a thousand bucks would really cover it. Anything medical is bound to be more.

  30. I developed a blood clot in my brain this summer. Had to get 3 MRIs (so far) and even though I have the best available top tier health insurance with a very low deductible through my partner’s job the bill was still over $800.

  31. My first thought, too. Soooo your yard, which presumably kids play in given the trampoline, is one giant, open latrine??? I've got a pair of dogs that weigh 100 lbs+ each and a baby, but I get out there every 3 days or so, give or take, and scoop up all 10 lbs of poop and dispose of it. Every day in the summer because of the flies.

  32. If the poo happened in the fall it’s possible it got covered with snow before it could be picked up and when the snow melted in spring finally the poo had decomposed and the seed was growing out of it already.

  33. My sister went on vacation over a long holiday weekend and came home to find a floater hadn’t completely flushed down her toilet and there was a tomato plant growing from an undigested seed in the poo log. 😳🙀

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