1. Three rounds of bleach, toner, Pravana's Magenta color, and a whole lot of Olaplex to keep my hair healthy!

  2. What level of developer were you using with the bleach? I have done 2 rounds with 20 vol and I’d like to do a 3rd but I might just do a bleach bath to be more gentle on my hair.

  3. I have alopecia and my hair falls out by the handful at times. It’s very thin. I use minoxidil. It really helps.

  4. I had a sample of the Speak Love lip oil back in December and it was quite lovely! I used the whole tube and would definitely consider purchasing the full size.

  5. Wait you can place clothing in the campsite?? Or is this photoshop? (Also weirdly my repeat item IS the pier and now I’m not as mad about it 👄)

  6. I’ve seen people do it but I still haven’t figured out how!

  7. What a glow-up! Fantastic! I love your new vibe. And you did an amazing job with the full face of makeup.

  8. Whichever Emma has sent you fewer gifts gets gone. 🪓😎🔪 Then no need to tell them apart.

  9. I was thinking that too because I’ve seen gbx exclusives in the different Ipsy shops

  10. Thank you! I’m really proud of how even it turned out.

  11. Here’s my DIY double process journey and the products I used in case anyone is interested. I was attempting to go from level 3 dark brown to a level 11 platinum white blonde by myself, at home, with minimal damage.

  12. I love that 4th pic - gray with the lime green - inspirational!! I might do something similar with my next color.

  13. I want that shopping cart and escalator!😎😃

  14. Yes! It’s silly but I am obsessed with that shopping cart.

  15. It's finally here 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏖️👙🩳

  16. Yessssss!!! Finally. 😤 The last couple months have been disappointingly un-summery.

  17. As in no colour will take on them? Thanks for your reply

  18. I agree with this. A lilac will do nothing to those roots for two reasons: 1) that hair is healthiest so they direct dye won’t “take” as well there as it will in the ends 2) your root color is too dark for a lilac dye to cover.

  19. Would you suggest I need to bleach the roots to lighten them?

  20. Yes, your roots need to be bleached before you can go lilac. But if you haven’t done it before I do not recommend trying to do it yourself. Go to a pro.

  21. I can't begin to tell you how freeing it is! I took stock of what I actually had by organizing my dresser and it was...eye opening!

  22. I need to do this. My bathroom cabinet is getting a bit jumbled.

  23. This is one of the main reasons I have put off trying the k18! I just can’t imagine not using a conditioner on my hair. My hair needs a good conditioner otherwise I end up with a frizzy, tangled, hot mess of hair.

  24. I put off trying it too because I wanted to finish my olaplex first before opening another hair treatment. But now I’m nervous to try it! I have dry bleach damaged hair so I need a conditioner too.

  25. I apply it when my hair is like 60% dry, wait the four minutes, and then use the remaining dampness to work in an anti-frizz finishing cream to fight the no conditioner look.

  26. Absolutely, there's a huge difference between Dark 3 and Dark 4, and some people are even darker than the darkest

  27. From this doesn’t it sort of looks like the shades go:

  28. I’ve panned a couple. Mostly topcoats. But also 1) a white that I finished by dumping the rest into a beige that was too dark and 2) a pale lilac that I finished by dumping into a purple that was too similar to a pink I already owned.

  29. i can’t get past my concerns for the tin cans in the refrigerator. can’t you get sick from that. edit- ok i didn’t zoom in - those are soda cans. my bad.

  30. Aluminum soda cans are fine in the fridge. Maybe my eyes are glazing over it but I didn’t see any other type of cans.

  31. Late 20’s female, midwesterner, unmarried but living with a male partner. You’d like to cook more (there’s lots of condiments) but you both work long hours (so there’s more convenience items than actual main course ingredients).

  32. I personally prefer the red and I love the way you matched your eyebrows to your hair. Perfection.

  33. I was just poking around in the Ipsy app and found this. I don’t think I’ve seen the GBP design posted here yet.

  34. The design has already been posted but Ipsy now has the spoilers for August add ons up. I was going to skip but then I saw the Supergoop SPF. 🤣

  35. I know the GB design was posted but I couldn’t find the GBP design posted here.

  36. I’m debating between Briogio charcoal scalp revival shampoo and the Estate Cosmetics eyeliner brush.

  37. I use it mostly on my forehead. It really helps plump up and reduce those worry lines I get there.

  38. Those are prettier swatches than I was expecting! 🤩

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