1. I'm not excited by anything anymore. I'm taking a break from ipsy 😜

  2. This happened to me, and I sent a message asking what the points were from. (I hate that it doesn't show ALL incoming and outgoing points in your activity. That would make life a lot easier) The response was that it was a glitch and they were taking the points back!!!!!!

  3. I think mixing foundation with face cream is much easier

  4. This is what I do. I hate a heavy foundation so I mix a little bit with a basic face lotion. And a little powder on top.

  5. I came back here to ask about this. I got the cleansing balm about the same time as the OP. I wouldn't say that mine is "rancid", but it definitely doesn't smell good. It does remind me of "old oil" smell. I'm not sure if I should keep using this on my face 😣

  6. Yep. I know the feeling. Just cashed out almost everything. I'm at least taking a break. Maybe going. Ipsy is not exciting.

  7. My last one was 3.25! It had the refreshments candle, lotion, and shampoo coming too.

  8. I was hoping add ons and new points items would be today... they must be tomorrow 3/2

  9. You didn't get any bag at all? They are supposed to send a bag. If they run out of that months style, it would be a different one. Complain and you'll get some free points.

  10. Omg "mildly penis" πŸ˜… I'm not sure how this showed up in my feed, but it made me laugh.

  11. The little bags are cute, but aren't quite big enough to actually carry my makeup in. I wish they were slightly bigger. Or longer so a make-up brush could fit in them.

  12. Whatever works. Maybe they didn't want to spend 57392 at a medical supply place.

  13. I also got the whale eye Serum! I'm obsessed with their packaging. They have cat ones too I want to get now.

  14. I'm scared if I skip a month I won't get all of my points redemption items ugh I hated choice and wasn't paying attention and chose the wrong item the mystic Illumanti ugh scream

  15. Sounds like they are going to let glam bag subscribers pick three items, like plus. And the Ipsy box is so large because of the full-size palette comment.

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