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  1. Welp im about to go against the grain here and say that no matter your political beliefs on abortion, the SCOTUS made the correct ruling. Its not a matter of whether abortion is morally right or wrong or needed, its a matter of the Supreme Courts job. The Supreme Court is meant to rule on the constitutionality of things, it is not meant to legislate.

  2. And of course you're getting downvoted when you're 100% accurate. Everyone's viewing this through "abortion right vs. abortion wrong" lenses, when it's entirely a "is this a SCOTUS issue or not" question.

  3. I don’t see any breasts. There’s a woman covered up in a modest, quite elegant top, but I guess if you never leave home, you might be socially starved enough to “HUBBA HUBBA” at the sight of any woman, no matter how well-dressed she is.

  4. 😂 Such a white knight. She has large breasts. I didn't say she was dressed provocatively. Settle down, Beavis.

  5. I never knew being a gamer made me a racist. I thought it just made me a nerd. 🤷‍♂️

  6. At this point, with as much as Reddit is worth right now, is there a reason they don’t hire a paid moderation team? It’s not like they’re a small community being run out of servers in someone’s basement anymore.

  7. Replace the ketchup bottle with a ladle that "pours" molten steel.

  8. I don't want to do it, but it's gonna happen when the name changes anyway

  9. They're actually in negotiations with Heinz to extend the naming rights. Before it was a done deal that they were moving on. Now, we have hope...

  10. Aaron Smith. He and Cam on the same line would be un-fucking-stoppable.

  11. Oh God people are going to let their shitty political views guide their boob preferences in this one, aren't they?

  12. The fact that these laws existed and had to be struck down was unbelievable anyways. Petitioning the government for your permission to exercise a Constitutional right does exactly that: turns a right into a permission.

  13. Because new hockey fans are more valuable to the NHL than creating a team in an area where hockey is already watched and popular.

  14. As a Canadian, Why TF don't we just take the law in place that currently bans promotion of tobacco products and re-copy it and change "tobacco" for "gambling/sports betting".

  15. Because as an American, I can assure you that every time our government tries to "fix" something by making a law, they inevitably fuck things up and make it worse.

  16. Pro tip, ladies: Boobs do not have to be in constant motion to be appreciated.

  17. Maybe do a better job moderating bad actors out of your community if you don't want it to be shut down?

  18. I'm wondering when the NFL will hire an investigator and write a 243 page report of their findings. Sexual assault must be worse then footballs slightly under PSI (and bad science).

  19. What’s the reason to love him like he’s a religious figure? That’s all I ask

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