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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. I would still imagine they'll try offload Holding and get a left-sided CB if possible. Holding unfortunately isn’t good enough to get us to the CL.

  2. I mean who are the other good teams fourth CB? Are they better than Holding? I don’t think we are good enough to have a better 4th choice CB than holding and still spend money to improve the areas where our actual starters aren’t good enough, or like our backup RB.

  3. It's not about having a good 4th choice CB. We want two players that can arguably compete for each position, this drives competition and pushes players. Yes, he would be a fine 4th choice.. but it's not enough to think like that if we want to build something bigger. As soon as we have 1/2 injuries in our backline, we crumble and IMO Holding didn't step up this year. He had 1/2 good games but overall wasn't good enough.

  4. I guess I don’t see how we can afford signing possibly two expensive strikers, a new central midfielder, a new backup right back, a new backup right winger and still have enough money to buy a new center back that’s better than Rob Holding. And what player that’s better than Rob Holding is going to want to come here and be fourth choice? To me that’s a super luxury for a club like City/Chelsea/Bayern etc and we aren’t there yet.

  5. So this looks pretty good because otherwise, they would wait for the civil lawsuits.

  6. We sure as fuck do not “need” to support a predator. If he gets a lengthy suspension so be it. Winning games is not more important than justice for those women. They need our support. I’ve waited 30 years for the Browns to be good. I can wait longer.

  7. I feel like Clowney's problem is that he always thinks he should be setting the record for defensive player, everyone laughs and ignores him, then he eventually has to accept a mediocre short-term prove it deal. Its not that he doesn't have any market, its that when he starts negotiations at $25m/year fully guaranteed, no one bothers responding.

  8. He just has no interest in the off-season program. He always signs after.

  9. This has been going on for almost a year. They decide to do a sit down interview right before the NFL makes it’s decision. The timing is impeccable.

  10. no no no you're not supposed to mention that he possibly is guilty! Not on this sub!

  11. Yeah mentioning he might have actually done it is “toxic”.

  12. Maybe that’s Emily’s best friend.

  13. She constantly shared the posts about the donations to Cleveland victims of sexual assault. Which we were only doing because of what Watson is accused of. Lots of women are pissed and they have every right to be.

  14. There is no integrity in damning someone who has not committed crimes.

  15. Sexual assault is a crime dumb fuck. He so clearly did this shit.

  16. Why are you guys in a browns sub Reddit if u are no longer browns fans. Is to tell browns fans that you are no longer browns fans? There is a place in Berea where you can get all of this out.

  17. Why in the world would that matter if you actually are informed?

  18. Why does 23 counts of sexual assault matter? Are you fucking insane? How can it not? It’s a big fucking deal. You honestly believe right now that the Chargers, who have one of the most dynamic young QB’s in the world, are jealous that we have Watson? How can you possibly believe that, it’s such a fucking stupid opinion?

  19. You’ve been a useless miserable troll of a cunt in this sub for half a decade. Leave. Most of us fucking hate you.

  20. Not even a question, Tim Couch. Baker had every single chance in the world and a playoff caliber team around him, Tim Couch didn't stand a fucking chance.

  21. And we have no idea if Tim would be been any good he might have still sucked. Y’all are acting like Baker has been terrible. He’s been average to below average which is miles better than anyone we’ve had in the last 20 years including Tim Couch.

  22. We do and he wouldn't have. Anyone who watched the Browns back then knows.

  23. I watched the Browns back then. Every game. Tim wasn’t very good.

  24. Imo it would be a mistake on their part to include no build tourneys with cash.

  25. Casuals don’t play in tournaments anyway though. We just watch them.

  26. Yeah I haven’t actually seen any sort of discussion (not just here, but anywhere) about the wrinkles that Watson adds to their offense, on the field. Everyone’s just steering totally clear

  27. In a way it makes me even MORE jealous of like you and the Bills. You just get to be excited about your awesome extremely talented QB’s. I’ve never had one. Baker being solid was the closest thing. We finally have one after like 40 years and we can’t even talk about the football aspects. And I understand why. He’s gross. What he’s likely done is terrible. I so badly want to be excited about the on field potential of this team but it seems like if I do that it makes me a bad person.

  28. Funny how something that could have been stopped with will power instead becomes normalized into part of life that kills tens of thousands yearly

  29. People who think that we actually could have had Covid zero worldwide are fucking delusional.

  30. Not trying to be a troll. Honestly asking. Is this really considered that disgraceful? I figured players yell at the officials all the time. But everyone on

  31. Apprehensible? Do you mean ‘reprehensible’? Not to be a cunt, but the former means ‘easily understood’.

  32. Nope you’re correct I used the wrong word. Thanks 👍🏻

  33. Very similar dimensions, but then you have the issue that NFL teams prefer to play on turf and can absolutely tear up grass in the latter parts of the season.

  34. I wouldn’t say NFL teams necessarily prefer to play on turf. Quite a few use natural grass and there’s a big push amongst the players to get turf fields totally banned and all replaced with natural grass.

  35. Moved on but still responded lmao. Living rent free in your head.

  36. I don’t understand as a community why we would be happy about this becoming more frequent? This is a dangerous road to go down. The community is not big enough to sustain both no build and build competitions simultaneously and if Fortnite moves to No Build the game is dead.

  37. If nobody plays the no build they won’t run them anymore. If more people play it than it’s making more people happy. Seems pretty simple.

  38. Other than hometown love, do you all really think hutch is the correct pick here?

  39. He’s athletic as fuck and super productive at a big program. Easy choice coming from a Browns fan who doesn’t like Michigan.

  40. The new bottle is fucking terrible. It takes away the premium look the original one had.

  41. Interesting. I hated the old bottle. I like the square bottle with the paper label. I always thought the old one made it look cheaper. Kinda funny lol. Different strokes for different folks.

  42. G. Jesus is already incomparably better than Saka and has a much higher ceiling.

  43. From a long-time Baker supporter/believer, we made the right decision

  44. This has nothing to do with Baker vs Watson. If that’s all it was it would be an obvious win. This is about morality. Nobody thinks Baker is better, they think that 23 woman aren’t all lying and we’re uncomfortable that we have to root for that.

  45. salt is real, also scottie barnes > Mobley :)

  46. Man this sub is already at the stage where anything negative about Watson gets downvoted to zero. Crazy.

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