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  1. one of possible reason, she can cheating you with someone and she doesn't want vaginal sex, because she satisfied with this already and don't need anymore. bj or hj do not required needs in sex in physical sense, just mechanical work. time of time she will initiate something, but in result it will be like watch porn hear fake moaning and feel yourself unsatisfied at the end in sex meaning. like masturbation there is result, but sex it's another things.

  2. so how is will use nuclear weapon in war between nuclear army and none nuclear?

  3. they will be ready in next 3 5 years. it's a lot of money. tanks need yesterday and much as possible.

  4. so he happy with current prices? does she have any benefits from this now?

  5. better choice then financial time did, because took in count all people of Ukraine and Zelenskyi as elected leader.

  6. so if it's "they army" so they have the same responsibility for the crimes which they do. so why need them allow to broadcast in NATO countries by the license provided by NATO country?

  7. she show only not aggressive, at current time, russian imperialism. they not against war, they against lose.

  8. I believe by guarantees Macron ment, that someone should "pay" for this, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia etc. all European countries which borders with russia.

  9. good, less defense from Ukraine so can attack more objects in russia territory.

  10. yes, fake it's possible to hear. it's very disappointing. especially whe she initiated and then do fake moaning and sound really like from porn.

  11. didn't find mention about production of 155mm on the fb page of UOB. but if they do its good.

  12. all depends on your gf. is there is a chance that she can try to fuck with other guy one day? yes. how big this chance, only you can know(and she of course). in the same way she can just imagine about this. but I have example in my life when a girl had a sex, even she said the same like you gf.

  13. in Ukraine it's not, especially now. when electricity could be down

  14. yep, strange question. there are now strict religion restrictions, like in Muslim(even there there are options), so the question pretty weird

  15. will they share the same responsibilities for the crimes and genocide in Ukraine?

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