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  1. Yeah….. 1, I would rarely/never order straight from Amazon with out doing research outside of it. Also a vector build especially like that will probably run you 700-900

  2. the most cursed thing is the legend font. jkjkjkk but that is kinda cool. what board is it?

  3. No brass weight for the KBD67 Lite

  4. I recommend getting rid of those keycaps. they sound so much better with a set like this:

  5. Not really Srry, could you explain plz?

  6. Ohhhhh I see it now lmao THAT'S AWESOME! 15/10 having ur love for something in ur username is really pog

  7. Is it a forge mod pack or fabric ? and do you have the required forge/fabric mod/API and other libraries that the loader requires to run the mod ?

  8. My guess is you'll still need to install Fabric and Fabric API to get it to work, if you check the page you got the mod from it should say what requirements it needs to use it

  9. so it happens with all modpacks. its happened for a while now and i tried your solution bu it still didnt work

  10. I think Mercutio. There are a few out there but either GB ended or out of stock or reallyyy expensive but Mercutio is in-stock and it’s pretty great, not too expensive. You have to solder a lot but it’s really easy

  11. Kbd67 lite is beginner friendly and requires no experience, customization and great software configuration. It also includes rgb if you're into that, you can find the switches, keycaps, and keyboard available on divinikey.

  12. Do you have sticky keys enabled or a hidden macro? It sounds like you have control pressed and constantly held down.

  13. You may have forgotten the pic

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