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  1. When he’s around other people he acts super weird to be funny I think. He’s always saying weird shit and then looking at whoever he’s with for approval it seems. He tries to show off lol

  2. Corporal in the US Army Air Corps 1st Air Force. The patch over the right breast pocket is called the ruptured duck. When getting out of the service personnel could wear their uniform for a time after they were out. The ruptured duck signified they were not active duty any longer. The blue triangle patch on the sleeve if for a flight engineer. Lapel brass shows enlisted army air corps aviation. This guy flew in planes.

  3. Thank you so much!! He is accepting offers. Do you have an idea of what a fair price is?

  4. Always will help if you can recite their mission statement and some history of the department. Good luck and stay calm

  5. Beef up on supreme court case law. YouTube, FLETC, caselaw4cops.com are good resources

  6. I’m currently in a FLETC right now. He’s right. Catch up on the 4th amendment. Also, PT PT PT, eat right, and PT.

  7. If he doesn't get his disability services figured out and gets a place (which I think he is from what I've heard, thankfully) I don't think he could last the whole winter. He hasn't been homeless more than 2 weeks and he already looks terrible. It doesn't look like he's eating enough and definitely not getting enough sleep. But hopefully his services will find him a place and lord willing he doesn't destroy the property and get evicted again.

  8. I agree. He wanted to be independent and couldn’t handle it. I hope he finds a place soon man

  9. TY. What would you say is most valuable of the ones ive posted?

  10. Easily BMW. Vintage BMW is hot right now. Then the Davey Allison (or whatever his last name is)

  11. Haha I hate that rule. I was so confused why I couldn’t bet on Army vs Navy, Bc they played at MetLife

  12. At this point we need to just rename this sub "Parlay Palace".

  13. I used to work for a housing program for the homeless, so I’ve seen all kinds of wild fuckery. Never seen a person evicted after one week. Not even the most violent and unstable clients. This ain’t adding up.

  14. I’m sure that agency or program was getting harassed from people with their contact info. As well as bad reviews from his previous caretakers didn’t help.

  15. Yeah that’s a very real possibility. It’s not unthinkable for the agency to consider him a major liability.

  16. So from your experience in a housing program, what’s Daniels next best solution for his housing situation?

  17. That’s just a ploy to tempt you to admit you were lying. They’re all BS and can be easily manipulated by the person administering it (yes, I’ve taken and passed polygraphs).

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