1. Comprate un Sentra o un Aveo, son económicos y rendidores, las refacciones son económicas y fáciles de conseguir. Suerte 🍀

  2. Antes los envios me llegaban en un dia. Ahora quitaron eso. Ya me llegan dentro de 3 o 4. Me cambie a Amazon.

  3. In my team there is this 39 years old guy (everyone else in mid 20s). He went to a boot camp and now is working as a software engineer he has 1 year of experience. He is not smart, but he works hard even works on weekends and sometimes you can see the stress and worry in his face in the daily standup.

  4. Yo celebraría, si estuviera en su caso, cuando ya tuviera un fondo de emergencias.

  5. Que te aumenten el credito hasta en rangos mayores a 200k se me hace excelente. Cualquier imprevisto o enfermedad lo puedes cubrir y te da un tiempo para reaccionar.

  6. You hear about all these places more if you live in the NYC area.

  7. This is BS IMO. I have a degree also. I don’t think you need a degree to know how to solve problems.

  8. Titles like engineer should not be given to workers without commensurate degree. Hire them into another role and let them go to night school if they want to get promoted. I realize some out there without degrees are much smarter than those with, but hey life isn't fair. We need this kind of structure and principle in the industry, as well as in universities. There are far too many "engineers" out there without general engineering education. Sorry guys!

  9. Agree with you, what about the people that have a degree but in something very different than CS? I understand STEM degree holders can get into SWE but a lawyer trying to switch career in his 40? That's another story.

  10. Matemáticas y su importancia, y no, no hablo de hacer cuentitas, para eso está la calculadora. Me refiero, entre otras cosas, a saber qué es un porcentaje, interpretar una gráfica, saber contrastar datos, entender por qué un razonamiento es o no correcto, saber detectar patrones, tener capacidad de análisis, etc. Si México se sabe rezagado educativamente, no me quiero ni imaginar cómo está de anumérico.

  11. Esto. No entendia como alguien no puede razonar un porcentaje o una ecuacion del tipo 10 + x = 20. Conozco gente que se cilclan y ya no razonan mas alla. Lo peor de todo es que me di cuentan que literalmente no saben y no quieren hacer el esfuerzo de pensar.

  12. Porque tengo trastorno bipolar I y ansiedad generalizada. Gracias a los medicamentos tengo salud mental, cosa que antes no.

  13. I'm an electrical engineer and all the recruiters that have reached out to me say it doesn't matter that much

  14. This is happening to me but I got only 1 year and I think I can recover myself if I get more visibility

  15. OP ¿Que libros te gusta leer? ¿Algún ejemplo? Gracias! Me gustaría intentar géneros diversos.

  16. OP por mucha informacion que creas que compartes a la mayoria no nos importa y solo queremos hacer mas dinero jajaja

  17. Do you only use your skills in these languages to solve LC challenges? Or are they more applicable to industry wise?

  18. Try a different paradigm. Switch to haskell or lisp isnt so easy tbh

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