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  1. I wish I could. He's one of those guys that if you don't see him (even for valid reasons like death in the family) and give an excuse, he doesn't believe it. He's honestly one of those men that thinks he knows everything and everyone is just dumb or something. Like he bought me a phone that doesn't support fast charging. Sent me a video of how to bypass that; an option my phone doesn't have. I told him as much but he still had to go through the phone and see for himself and STILL said it's there somewhere because he just -cannot- be wrong.

  2. This is going to be long and detailed, but every detail will have a ‘Why’ and how it all goes together.

  3. Whether it’s to please us or functional, I don’t know. But, what I do know is biologically what’s happening is that the prime spot where our spit carries our DNA is basically at the back of your mouth/start of your throat. Men are naturally driven to want to carry on their genes and through this deep deeeeep French kissing they are actually sampling our DNA to see if we are worth ‘breeding’. Yes, it’s animalistic/barbaric, but you’ll actually find that, generally, the more in tune a person is with themselves the better they are at kissing - or at least at being open to being a better kisser.

  4. do you actually have a source on this?

  5. I’d say an unhealthy Te dom. Because they also have low Fi they don’t understand their own emotions. They typically know what the crowd wants, how to give it to them and this fulfills their need for ‘love’/acceptance. Now since they employ these chameleon tactics they’d expect everyone else too.

  6. Watchmen. Ozymandias’s company, but instead of PyramindTransnational, i made myself PyramidInternational

  7. Did you make this? Where did it come from? I’ve been wanting to diagram the relation between different energies! This is great.

  8. Blacklisting someone cause you’re butt-hurt makes the whole community butt-hurt. Lol 😝

  9. Your post is touching, but it’s also brave. Right now, from what I read, you are starting to face ‘your demons’. You’ve booked in with a councillor, shown courage by reaching out to your community, and are humble enough to recognize somethings off. A lot of people won’t swallow their pride and take the first step: admitting there’s a problem. This isn’t just applicable to AA, this first step is crucial to anything.

  10. So buddy has treated sex workers bad in the past, perfect don’t see him. But also dont keep the deposit. People who are douche bags to people usually do it out of frustration/resentment of feeling they aren’t being treated properly, or that they’re going to be shunned anyways. Right now he probably feels “Everyone is going to fuck me over, so I better fuck them before they fuck me”(and not in a sexual sense). Return the deposit, tell him you appreciate him being upfront but unfortunately you don’t feel comfortable seeing him right now due to his reviews. When his reputation improves you’d be willing to have a healthy discussion about it. This gives them honesty, a direction & hope, and(returning the deposit)proves that it’s not a dog-eat-dog world.

  11. Yeah I definitely don’t want to contribute to his disdain towards sex workers but I thought it’s not good practice to disclose blacklist to clients. And I already applied the gift card by mistake so I’d have to pay out of pocket which sucks

  12. I hear you. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Do whatever you feel is best! Thanks for sharing this conundrum 🤗

  13. This was about ten years ago, but the only time I judged someone was also when I lost a little faith in humanity.

  14. He’s glad to be away from the baby(who’s sick) and also doesn’t sacrifice any of his junk food. At least he’s congruent; He truly puts himself above everyone else.

  15. fly home? I like to tour for like a week at most then go home for 2 weeks and chill. It’s good for mental health and still pays better overall than any entry level job.

  16. As someone who’s been in real estate and is now a SW, if you don’t cover your face thoroughly some spiteful Johns could fuck up your career, hard.

  17. So as long as I have my face thoroughly covered in any pics or vids with any nudity or sex it should be fine? I have tattoos and piercings that can be completely covered easily for real estate. But my hair and stretched ears are pretty unique.

  18. This is definitely a thing. This is also why I only offer one service, GFE, because I like when my guy rag dolls me. And because I like it, it’s sacred. I do not share that part of me with clients and it’s specifically because I keep work and pleasure separate. Do I loose clients because of this? Probably. But I’m in the business of keeping my sanity, not my gold.

  19. I’m gunna be blunt. This mind set will send it to feed your demons. What will happen is withdrawal will kick in and symptoms will arise. I assure you this is normal, but with this mind set it might be a self fulfilling prophecy to engage in it again and then make it even worse to try and kick it - again!

  20. What if your porn tastes have escalated from vanilla to something you would not be comfortable with in real life?

  21. That’s a porn addiction. “Addiction is a progressive narrowing of the things that bring us pleasure.”

  22. So you ask for people's time and warn it will take a while do the same? Well at least that's honest egotism :P

  23. It sounds like the type of clients you align yourself with have given you this vibe. There are a good amount of wonderful men in the world. I have a few of them in my life and they have been fantastic role models/friends/people-worth-keeping-around.

  24. That it is ok to say no. That it is ok to disappoint people to protect my own well being. That my boundaries are to be respected, not negotiated. That my time is valuable, and I don’t have to keep up with disrespect. That there is no shortage of men and there will always be another man who will be respectful and kind.

  25. Thank you everyone this one dude really had me feeling like it was me this time, cus we've been discussing meeting tonight for over 2 weeks now. What a waste lol

  26. Welcome back to the business! Free tip #1: If they’re trying, or successfully, talking to you for days before the appointment they’re probably not serious. Good seasoned clients will do screening, any questions, and book an appointment all within 24 hours.

  27. Flirting/sexting & endless meaningless questions before a booking is a massive red flag to me. I wouldn’t have booked them without the deposit.

  28. Me too! I immediately shut it down by saying “we can talk about that when you get here babe!”

  29. I rarely drink on dates. If I do it’s a tiny amount, from a sealed can(coolers for example), and with someone who’s been a long time regular.

  30. These options are kind of hard to choose between as they only offer extremes. Men are not horrible people, some men can be and, oh boy, can women be horrible as well! People cheat for mainly two reasons; they need extra validation (this is the insanely wildly toxic one) or the problem at home isn’t getting fixed - which is usually due to a lack of communication and attunement. This goes for sexual cheating and emotional cheating.

  31. Fearful avoidant. Thias Gibson has a fantastic channel on YouTube; Personal Development School. Check it out.

  32. Emotional immaturity and am not mentally ready at the moment.

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