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  • By - Cola9

  1. Try a fringe, then grow it a little thicker. I have something like that, it looks Alr

  2. True tho actually! My username used to be even more fitting lmao. I've gained some weight bc I knew it'd be good for me. Rn I'm 5'9 and 130 pounds lmao

  3. That’s nice progress. You’ve got this champ

  4. Hopelessly looking for distractions from the crushing reality of my life.

  5. Not the only thing you’re crushing with that username

  6. Jesus Christ anyone else see Elon Musks and Mr.Beasts child here?

  7. Your parents complained to your school that you were not bullied enough

  8. Hear me out, reverse this video and BOOM! 5 minute Crafts

  9. Honestly, 90% of IShowSpeed’s Fanbase is there to see his outrageous reactions and actions. It’s not a loyal fanbase, but a growing one.

  10. This guy is the definition of Loser, Loser, Reddit User.

  11. Ooooh it doesn’t! Dear OP, I’m going to create this sub in honour of your profession baker!

  12. Towards the end you could really see her start regretting some choices.

  13. Cleaning your ears with cotton buds because it feels good.

  14. Awww! Gosh my cat used to love lying down and stretching this way too!

  15. Why are you acting like you didn’t ask for roasts?

  16. There's people that said racist things and had a lot of upvotes, does this mean theyre right? No, up votes means nothing

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