1. Invisibility. I wouldn't do anything nefarious with it - just enjoy being left TF alone.

  2. Could I put all 3? Everyone on reddit is focusing on the last 3 letters of the post. I just want help writing congress I have written mine it's all I can do. I'm fine with any of these organizations.

  3. The NRA are wholly useless. The two I mentioned actually get results and where folks like us need to be sending our money.

  4. Ten -Pearl Jam. It was a listening experience and a half. Such a change from the 80s to late 80s hair metal. We could relate to some of the lyrics. It wasn’t about girls and partying all the time.

  5. Came here for this! I was in 8th grade when that album came out and it's still among my favourites today! Absolutely terrific from start to finish!

  6. First wife and I divorced after about 11 years. Everything was pretty amicable. Had a few heated exchanges over the phone during the process, but it was extremely tame compared to what a lot of guys go through.

  7. "Fluffy". He seems like a genuinely nice dude, but he's just not funny to me. We get it, bro.. You're heavy and you're Mexican..

  8. I'm always irked when they list the shooters as "one of the killed"

  9. Might wanna ring up Rittenhouse. Here's another poor kid who's only guilty of doing the right thing, obliging scum in taking the room temperature challenge only to face a legal nightmare afterwards.

  10. Man.. take me back! I was 13 / 8th grade in 92'. Such great memories of being that age at that time.

  11. And different wing geometry, too, if I'm not mistaken.

  12. Politics being someone's entire identity. I'm plenty old enough to remember being good friends with people and having no idea how they felt about political issues or for whom they voted - it just never came up.

  13. Yes and no one should be all in on any one politician. Just because you vote for someone doesn’t mean you have to back EVERYTHING about them. You should still keep a critical eye. Grey areas are a thing.

  14. Simple solution. ID to vote, match registry to ballots cast. If it’s off results are nullified

  15. But that's "rayciss" - or so I'm expected to believe.

  16. Ha! I hope he goes down and goes down hard! I know it's (D)ifferent for them, but I've been very pleasantly surprised with a handful of cases lately where consequences actually stuck. As a Conservative Georgian, I hope this guy gets his just deserts!

  17. Skyrim. Such a big world to explore. I always have a play-though going on PS3, PS4, and PC and even after 10 years, I still run across things I've never seen before.

  18. I do this, too. I think of it as doing future me a solid.

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