Hayden and Natalie while shooting the Prequels.

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  1. Girl needs a live action film. Who would you all choose to portray Samus Aran on the big screen?

  2. Call her out on whatever hobby she has then! Surely she has something she buys that’s not necessary 😅

  3. Got Mario getting turned into the Lego…imagine a dedicated Metroid run!

  4. Thank you all for viewing! Hope you get some interesting details from any of the pages I shared exclusively here! Hope any online translators can pick up any of these for you to read! 🤘😁🤘

  5. More translation - I did the page with the 12B - and it’s another old interview, because it ends with ‘now that BGC is being made into a TV anime’ and references an anime as something the guy is ‘now’ working on even though said anime is from like ‘98. I don’t think there’s any original content in here. This could well be a reissue of an old boxed set they put out when it was Crisis’s 10th anniversary and 2040 was about to come out. I don’t mean to sound like a downer, but… yeah. This being the case, I think the big chunk of text in the beginning is an old interview with all the seiyuus except Oomori. It’s a good interview but you can find all this stuff on Animeigo’s wiki.

  6. The main reason I got the set is of course the whole 8 episodes soundtracks on CD, maybe I will get a vinyl later on. I’m a physical collector and LOVE Digipacks!

  7. Yeah the item description of this boxset stated that it will provide previous interviews and other exclusive content that, for an example, was originally in the dvd boxset and also I believe the laserdiscs. I have not seen the wiki, so guess I can go to that and read such things in English if translators don’t work out. Least I can have a physical “copy” if for whatever reason the wiki gets taken down/wiped and in need of some form of physical reference xD

  8. Spacer Dad went to go get some Banshee Milk I guess…yeah you read that right.

  9. opens arms I’m ready…for the final smash

  10. Callum your birthday is coming up! That means Rayla will give you that surprise present again! 😜

  11. If Cerberus rebuilt Jenkins, the Reapers would've surrendered immediately.

  12. Even better…Jenkins possesses Shepard’s body every time he dances…and it’s not because they use the VA’s motion capture to do so…

  13. I worked at ILM at the time. Stage group said they were shagging regularly.

  14. Gotta start somewhere. Keep at it! Sooner or later you will have some fiery background and ash projectiles and siiick shadowing!

  15. Dammit about four hours ago I posted the initial one…only to realize it was to myself and not the actual group lol sorry for the delay!

  16. Nah don’t worry you’ll only catch me bromancing Garrus.

  17. Dammit Reegar! Can’t you last at least another half second?!

  18. Another reason to choose Perfect Destroy…to hear The Dude’s glorious speech!

  19. Apparently there’s different versions of this type of Blu-ray version. The one you linked is the standard edition, whereas the Kickstarter ones had bonus content. The one I got from the box are from the 2000’s boxset but on two Blu-ray Discs with additional content. I have yet to actually play those discs so idk if they even haves English subs (item description says no so more than likely just raw Japanese audio and no subs). I mainly got the set for the music CDs. I may pick up this version or perhaps another one with the included bonus material for sure though! Probably get better picture too!

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