1. https://ballotpedia.org/Mark_Robinson_(North_Carolina)

  2. Found a link for the full version:

  3. Ah I guess they cap it at 15 minutes, this full video is much longer.

  4. Robbing people of informed consent is also in direct violation of Nuremberg.

  5. Twitter won't let me see more than a reply or two before blocking it with a pop up.

  6. I get that often too, deleted my whole account, never going back to that shithole.

  7. Well... hardly the doctor's fault. I mean unless he gave too.much or something.

  8. Let me guess, he was just following orders.

  9. I didn’t want to make light of the situation, but yes, I believe it is 🤣

  10. Mods here need to ban the trolls, for ‘bad faith participation’, which is against the overarching Reddit TOS. There’s no obligation to give trolls a second chance.

  11. I like Dr Mercola but I hate his website but he does make a very good point and seeing that only ~5% of kids have been jabbed, parents have spoken in numbers

  12. His website used to be amazing, its current state is a product of cancel culture.

  13. "And no, they do not have the consent of the governed, we will not comply, we will not submit, and it must be ended."

  14. Aussie Roo’s are another from a sovereign mint with a low premium, and .9999

  15. 10 ounces each is a 2mm ounce raid in honor of 200k

  16. While we have an open border, food shortages, troop shortages, vacant leadership… all we can do is get our own personal house in order. And prepare for war, with China.

  17. Key word there is ‘our’, and yes DJT is a threat to the deep state.

  18. I haven't kept up with politics in the last 2 weeks or so, why was Kari so much better than the opponent? Was the opponent a weak spineless RINO?

  19. Kari Lake has Trump’s most enthusiastic endorsement. It seems as though she’ll be similar to a DeSantis. The competitor was as RINO as they come. Night and day difference.

  20. This is what a monster box of roos looks like, I believe they just do them at half size. I find that nice because I like me a nice sealed monster box, but I don’t always have 500 oz’s of fiat lying around.

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