1. There is admin sliping uder ice.

  2. Kits with guns are in lockers. This is just an extra kits box.

  3. How do you get that much HQM? I feel like I’m always short on it

  4. Locked crates/HQM Quarry on low pop servers.

  5. Lockers are full, this is extra gear.

  6. Should turn them on their side so that the entire kit goes down

  7. I have no ability to uploaded Video but when you will test it you will know. I just complayin now so maybe FP will change it, if not we all will be stuck wit it.

  8. How the hell are you able to play a video game like rust if you can't record a video?

  9. Why the hell i want to record game?

  10. I've done it before but why are you wrapping the pipe around the middle in the first place.

  11. I want to send loot to next room...

  12. It's not a bug. Make it goto the roof or floor. Looks better anyways.

  13. Not it is not, but there is the way:

  14. no but i will try tomorrow, and that is not the point, if i need to upgrade to metal to do this, it is still a bug.

  15. Fridge option is just for now, but it have sense... if you will store liquid medicine, you need the Fridge!? to store it?!

  16. My friend medicine is stored in fridge... Insulin? And any liquid medicine should be in low temp?

  17. I was farming elsewhere just when you see 5+ right next to each other, have jacki and you can't farm them you cry lite inside :/

  18. if im not mistaken you need to do dmg to be able to collect so no

  19. Rock do dmg too and yet you can use it .

  20. Remember "sanction" on Russia will never go away, EU is "disconnecting" from Russia forever.

  21. Check if any of them use "Rolling Code" if yes, forget about it.

  22. I'd say you'd be right 70% of the time. A lot of rolling code systems do indeed use a rolling code, but they are predictable, just because there's an RC system employed don't make it impossible. Hell, current Ford rolling code systems turn out to be predictable, Honda still uses static code along with a few other manufacturers.

  23. You are right, if you want to go into the rabbit hole, but for people who need to ask this question i do not recommend it right now. Start with simple RC.

  24. Check thermals. Maybe to much dust in PC?

  25. Tag is for dead body in woods not nudity.

  26. PS. you know you can do this in Invite only session?

  27. thats what i mean does it re roll like does it give you a chance to get the other mission when you start over again or will it always be this mission until you switch lobbies?

  28. In 6 times I did it, 4 times i got new mission, once i need to send misle 3 times (still 3x faster) and once 2 missile. So not always you get other mision but in my experience it is still worth it.

  29. Yeah done this before, can confirm it works

  30. He means you can just enter then take a picture part of the heist board is visible and that's apparently all we need

  31. Yeah I don't see why people are so quick to restart. I've never gotten less than 1.2. And it's never taken me longer than 16mins. Worth

  32. Yea, normally i would not post this but i did watch YT tutorial where guy tell people to restart when Tequila is target.

  33. Its only because tequilla is a half a million less valuable than the pink diamond. You could be making

  34. Yes, but if you restart you will lose time (5-10 min?). If you restart every time you don't get diamond in the end you will lost a lot of time and time = money.

  35. Try start Steam as admi first.

  36. https://rustlabs.com/entity/horse#tab=food;sort=0,0,1;sort=1,1,2

  37. Your shit is weak. My team had 49 horses in our 3 bases last wipe...All T3's researched in 12 hours

  38. Literally this is not my shit :D, im Admin on this server.

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