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  1. Do you know by any chance when was the last time we got Iron Maiden on the shrine?

  2. I can't recall. Best waiting for it to come into the shrine though as the older DLC perks are typically shifted into the shrine.

  3. Keep supporting 343's poor game development, good job.

  4. You say that as if I've been purchasing from the store. I've simply just uploaded the store for people to see and make comment on.

  5. I think my biggest criticism with this seasons Fracture is that most of the helmets are in the store.

  6. Same here there another event 10 tiers forget the name

  7. Interesting... I hope we'll get information regarding it soon.

  8. BP is 100% complete and so is the latest fracture event. Do we have another event coming up for S2 or is it safe to close this game and leave it alone until S3? Not too bothered about the weekly rewards.

  9. I'll only allow Meg to get the challenge completed as the certified simp.

  10. Are you sure that Feng will fit in the hatch?

  11. I have fps set to 60 and I still have rubberbanding, as a killer and as a survivor.

  12. People have reported that setting their FPS to 90 will minimise the rubberbanding. It may vary for some people unfortunately.

  13. Doesn't the whole 90 fps thing kinda invalidate your previous theory of 60 stopping it though?

  14. Not exactly. 60 FPS is the recommended baseline as most console(s) will run the game at this or below. The 90 comes from multiple content creators that have tried the method of bringing the cap down and have seen decent results.

  15. The fact we've got EDIBLE BLOODPOINTS as a charm is just fantastic.

  16. Christmas Sweaters would be great... can't see BHVR exploring that route ever though. At least survivors will forever get them.

  17. Running just *1* of these add-ons will get people DCing.

  18. Best to let someone DM you for it. If you post the code on a public thread - a bot will likely take it.

  19. That’s what I would do just to be sure someone who really wanted it got it rather than a bit as you mentioned

  20. Good stuff. Best of luck with giving it away.

  21. It's quite the neat little charm. Make sure to grab it before it is too late.

  22. It's likely in the ballpark of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to enable it. BHVR wouldn't just not do it... that being said - they've been awfully quiet on it and should probably just clarify that cross-progression won't happen because of X or Y or at least tell people it has been canned.

  23. Iri shards are also edible according to some lore they said on Twitter.

  24. Ha! the more cells you give, the more able the entity is able to build new maps or abduct new killers for their game. That’s super cute.

  25. It's so strange yet amazing at the same-time.

  26. Looks like the other 4 red sniper skins.

  27. 1500 on Meg & 1500 on Blight. That's exactly 3K in total.

  28. Hahaha! It's quite interesting how some people reacted to those tweets... a lot of salty individuals in particular.

  29. Ooh really? That's kinda nice. Though I wanted it sooner

  30. Yeah! It's just the possible date to be fair. People normally use about 3 weeks from the beginning of the PTB for the release.

  31. Oook I understand. Thank you for the fast response!

  32. No worries! Hopefully we'll get it sooner rather than later.

  33. It's quite clear that Infinite will eventually have to throw away the basic colour schemes in favour of the more "wacky" skins (stuff like the pizza skin from Halo 5) considering how boring most of the skins are at this current time.

  34. Infinite definitely can look quite beautiful in some places.

  35. They'd have been better off making the unique prestige icon actual "legacy" in the menu, lobby and post-game leaderboard for people to see just how dedicated you were (and still possibly are) to that character. The current "reward" is just lazy.

  36. According to people on Twitter this exact shrine was here 2 weeks ago and they even linked the tweet from dbd 2 weeks ago

  37. Really? That's genuinely insane. BHVR doesn't seem to be on top of the shrine.

  38. Yea but this shrine only lasted for a day cause of the event starting so I guess BHVR wanted to give it some more time

  39. I guess that would make sense to me. Quite weird of them to still place that exact shrine up again when they could have rotated it.

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