1. Aragorn rocking up with the army of the dead also serves as a powerful display of his legitimacy as Isildur's heir. It's hard to prove lineage back to a guy who died 3,000 years ago, and people are capable liars, but the magical power of the broken oath is infallible and can't be contested like other proof could be.

  2. There’s a 7 million person wait for surgery in the NHS right now. Reported by the BBC. Plus strikes by nurses. So beware the UK.

  3. Adderall is also illegal throughout much of Europe, and I believe the U.K., so if ADHD is a concern, that could be a major problem.

  4. I’m curious, if that is the case, what treatments are available for ADHD then?

  5. There are other, non-stimulant medications, but they don't work for everyone, hence it being a risk if you currently or potentially need stimulants.

  6. Loves butterflies? I don’t think we have any evidence that they were already dead when collected. If that were true, it would be hard to pin them and make them look perfect. Perhaps they were killed in their prime, before they even had a chance to lay eggs and continue their species. It’s possible these are harmful and wasteful displays.

  7. Butterflies like this are raised on massive farms in places like Costa Rica where they are bred and the cocoonsare shipped to conservatories around the world. They live an average of two weeks, so these places get tons of dead butterflies, and a small fraction of them are suitable for framing. It's part of why they cost so much. (These farms also undergo lots of licensing from conservation and animal welfare organizations, much like a zoo.)

  8. SCL Health just merged into Intermountain Healthcare last year. Even though they have LDS roots, Intermountain is secular. So there may be something to what your obgyn said.

  9. I got my tubes tied at an Intermountain hospital in Utah last year with zero fuss, and it wasn't medically necessary. For reference, I was 25F, single, no kids.

  10. I didn’t start having dislocations until my mid 20s. My wrists and shoulders would sublux but I honestly thought it was normal and didn’t know any better. I also have the tightest hamstrings in the world due to spending my whole childhood sitting in w and having a super archy pelvis and back

  11. Is a super flexible lower back why hamstrings are super tight? I haven't heard that one before, but it makes sense.

  12. Yes I agree on that. It’s her money that she can spend how she chooses. It’s just frustrating to witness lol. She is gradually showing wiser spending habits which is a positive thing.

  13. Everyone in this thread seems to be missing the fact that her purpose in collecting these things, albeit subconsciously, is identity

  14. I just wear tall socks that can tuck under my knee pads. That takes care of 90% of pedal strike damage. I'll still bruise, but I'm way less cut up.

  15. My nerve pain isn't always painful so I described it like the sensation you get when banging your funny bone (on my elbow) but in my leg instead.

  16. I mean, your "funny bone" is actually just a nerve in your elbow that you occasionally hit, so it's kind of redundant to describe nerve pain with nerve pain, but hey, whatever gets your doctor to understand. Most people don't recognize it otherwise, though, so I suppose the apology is helpful in that sense.

  17. SIG 938 in a belly band with kydex holster (both Crossbreed). The belly band also has room for a mag holster (also crossbreed) which you can’t see, it sits on my left rib area.

  18. Thanks for posting this. So few CC options work for most women's clothing, and I don't like the idea of having to choose between carrying or dressing normally, but this looks like a great solution.

  19. I agree fully! I feel very similar, I don’t want to limit my wardrobe just to carry. They need to have harmony haha

  20. Can I ask what you do for dresses? Thigh holsters seem mostly impractical, but those spandex shorts ones seem really inaccessible, especially considering that many dresses are fitted through the lower back and butt.

  21. If you’re willing to put in some work you can get a fix her upper for like 400k there

  22. Oh agreed. I just get the impression from OP's post and replies that they're looking for a Goldilocks situation, and the reality of the places they've listed is that they're not the perfect, easy fit OP would like them to be. My comments have been more about actually looking into your desired location and being realistic about the places and their potential trade-offs, not that it's impossible.

  23. Nowhere on the front range is cold. That’s the secret

  24. Ok this is actually very comforting. I work out pretty much on a daily basis and eat healthy. I don’t really “diet” cause I like to enjoy life from time to time but your comment makes me feel more in control than my mom and my sister were making it seem.

  25. Yeah, the healthy- and very attainable- pregnancy weight gain is between 25 and 30 pounds. At the risk of sounding like an asshole, your sister's 90 pound weight gain had 60-65 pounds to do with her own choices, not pregnancy.

  26. Lotion does not help stretch marks at all. It’s 100% genetic

  27. It's specifically made for stretch marks and has tons of vitamin E abd hyalauronic acid, so yes, maybe regular lotion doesn't, but medicated stuff helps.

  28. Thanks for the thorough response! Nylon is definitely what I'm leaning toward but I'm also seeing "bamboo silk" and I'm curious about it. Do you happen to have any experience with this type of rope?

  29. Bamboo silk rope is fine for floor rope, but don't use it for suspension. Also, bear in mind the thickness of the rope, as ties, tutorials, and classes are all based on 5 - 6mm rope thickness, and the only bamboo silk rope I can find comes in an 8mm thickness which will affect your ability to do finer knots and ties.

  30. We won't be rigging, we don't have the space for it currently. Only floor work. I've only ever done hook suspension and we used nylon. That's definitely all I'd ever use for weight bearing but the rope wasn't in contact with my skin so I didn't have to take dermatitis into consideration. Thanks, I'll do that!

  31. I guess the other relevant question is, are you tying clothed or nude? If you're not incorporating penetrative sex then basic clothing like a sports bra and leggings can do a lot to protect the skin. Bodysuits, leotards, and onesies are also very popular tying apparel, and most of those have snaps on the crotch so you could still use them if you need/want that kind of access.

  32. I have two electric blankets but neither works well. I had a space heater at one point but Dad said that was too expensive, too, so I’m not allowed to use it. The windows are so terrible a wasp once came in through one window WHILE IT WAS CLOSED, so I think short of wrapping the entire wall at least a foot around the windows in six inches of bubble wrap or something there isn’t much we can do for that.

  33. Sorry your dad sucks. We have a big house with very high ceilings so we keep it at 65 but my room will stay at 55 so I feel your pain.

  34. Wisconsin native here. HEDS, MCAS, lupus, chronic migraine, and more. We keep the house at 68 degrees, and I tend to get cold and hot and cold and hot, while my husband tends to run warm.

  35. ELECTRIC BLANKET. You can get a big one for your bed or a throw for wherever you are in your room. Heated mattress pads are also amazing.

  36. Yep! I thought it was my husband's caveman brain when he would go on about my skin being soft. But then my Geneticist confirmed it felt like EDS skin and I was mind blown. That's actually what my husband tells people now if they ask about my health issues. "I don't know, something about her having soft skin." Hopefully there's never an emergency where they really need him to know the specifics. 😂

  37. I had an intense but short hoe phase. When men said I had soft skin, it was whatever, cause skincare is such an anomoly to straight dudes. When women said I had soft skin? Bisexual femmes who are familiar with exfoliation and moisturizing? That's different. (And I got the soft skin comment from literally every single person I slept with.)

  38. Not gonna lie, this was part of the tipping point. If you read the original post you may notice I said parnterS-- I'm polyam and while we're all queer, penises and vaginas are both present. Penis-having partner reports I have the smoothest most pillowy vagina he's ever put the ol fella in, and (in the kindest most sex positive way) he's no spring chicken. I have generally funky joints and limbs on the shorter side, including my fingers, so it's tough for me to be too much of a vaginal self-reporter even when I have the opportunity to make direct comparisons; I mean like ok femme and find my girlfriends soft inside and out, but since my fingers theoretically also have the pathologically soft skin, idk it's just hard for me to tell??? How much softer I am??? This is also so tough to describe!!!

  39. Same! I'm also poly. Now I wanna ask my partners about vaginal texture cause I've never thought of that, but it would make sense. I did have one super experienced guy who was way out of my league (in a lot of ways) ask if we could be exclusive after literally one night, and I wasn't exactly doing anything freaky. Now I wonder if it was some magical EDS pussy. Thanks for the lead.

  40. Only cause it’s a makeup fridge. Yup, makeup fridge. How do I know that’s a thing? Cause I bought one once, put it in my office and I got at least 10 comments on the makeup fridge. Looked just like that but black.

  41. Pretty sure most women would see this as a green flag. A dude who has a skincare routine AND knows to refrigerate the products? Very hot. Bonus points for having cult favorites like The Ordinary inside. For that reason alone, OP should absolutely get a fridge with a glass door so women know just what a catch he is.

  42. The prequel trilogy should be cut down to 2 three hour films.

  43. Google "The Hobbit Maple edit." Some hero of a guy went through and cut all three Hobbit movies down to a single, four hour movie.

  44. 11 is interesting because it shows Faramir's coronation armor with him also having a small crown/coronet which he doesn't have in the film.

  45. I was wondering what that costume was because it's absolutely stunning and regal without being overdone. Thanks for the info.

  46. I came here to mention this. I show and breed Turkish Angoras, and I pick up bits and pieces of information about other breeds as a result of being part of the cat breeding community. I learned that the folded ears trait is linked to specific health issues. It's definitely not an animal I'd want to purposely breed, no matter how cute it is.

  47. Hey! My girl is a Turkish Angora, and they're just phenomenal cats. It's so cool to see other owners out in the wild.

  48. That's a pothos, and if the leaves rot in the water, they'll release toxins and kill your fish. Pothos love fish water, though, and roots are fine for fishy, so just adjust the plant so the leaves are well out of the water.

  49. Home run: feeling safe enough to share childhood trauma

  50. I had a Fezzari La Sal Peak and ended up returning it because it just wasn't quite there - the Ibis Ripmo that I really wanted was a better bike, and if I was going to have $5k in a mountain bike, I wanted to have a Deore Ripmo over a more nicely equipped GX La Sal Peak with worse suspension geometry. But the build quality was pretty great.

  51. What year was the Fezzari bike? They're a relatively new company, so I'm sure there's a learning curve on bike builds which makes me more inclined to buy one at some point in the future once they really get the hang of it.

  52. What’s with these bobble head things? Why does everyone seem to love them so much? Aren’t these like… children’s toys?

  53. They're the Beanie Babies of today: technically toys, but really just collectibles for teens and younger adults with no value outside of their collectibility.

  54. Kroger has some nicely sized ones in stock right now, but my favorite is their rufibarba. They're shaped like ruffled spearheads and are FUZZY. Relatively hard to kill so long as you don't let them het crispy. A large one to the right of your TV would do a lot just by itself.

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