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  1. When you take a 28 day cycle of BC, it's 21 days on (hormones) 7 off (placebo) so you still have a period as you normally would. That would include shedding the uterine lining once a month.

  2. https://www.boostpower.co.uk/help/payg/i-think-im-paying-off-a-debt-on-my-meter-whats-happened

  3. It shows me £2.60 a week! And £4600 on debt.. What should I do now? Should I leave everything like this? What if I move from my flat ? Next tenants will get in trouble for this? I find out my electric supplier is Utility Warehouse by the way. Is there any supplier Electricity only? Because I already pay separate for gas and I just made a new contract for it.

  4. Firstly you need to dial in the anxiety, no one is going to get in trouble (except the previous tenant who went AWOL without telling the supplier.... Oh and the landlord for letting you move in when there was debt on the meter).

  5. “super high up executive” isn’t the language of a functioning adult

  6. It sounds like the language of someone who's been in a entry level job their entire life and who's only knowledge of corporate heirarchies is that Executives are the important ones 😂

  7. I would call the police to log as a RTC asap. You have a grace period of a few days to do so.

  8. That can’t be right. How can you be considered pregnant if you haven’t had sex yet

  9. Doctors date pregnancy from the date of the last period, not the date of conception.

  10. It doesn't make sense unless you have some medical/ biochemical knowledge regarding pregnancy.

  11. You’re fine, and in the unlikely occasion it breaks, you can have morning pills handy. But I think you’re been too cautious

  12. Fellow neurodivergent email essay writer here.

  13. this, but I would stick the TLDR (stands for "too long, didn't read") at the top, so your boss who receives hundreds of emails a day can just scan it for the pertinent information without having to do so much as scroll past the long answer. That's almost certainly what your boss wants - the vital information (simplified down to something like: we finished the project, here is a link to our results) already pulled out so they don't have to waste extra processing power looking for it.

  14. I would make sure everyone is familiar with TLDR before using it universally, for younger people it might seem comparable to things LOL or BRB, which even the boomers have picked up. Both of these transitioned organically in to wider culture for a whole bunch of reasons but the main one is saturation. TLDR did not become anywhere near as commonly used because it has such a limited, specific use.

  15. Your health teacher was a moron

  16. Confusion could stem from UK legal definition.

  17. Interesting, but that shouldn't be like that. It reinforce the stereotype that a woman raping a man is less of a offense

  18. No, it's just one of a list of many, many, very specific categories of horrors people can do to each other. This way there is no ambiguity with what has been done.

  19. Yup Shazam. But the one that actually came out was Kazaam and had a basketball player?! Like mass hallucination or Mandela effect haha

  20. As a test of adultery… it’s not like any women is going into their Rabbi’s office to get this done voluntarily. Also the vagueness of “Cursed” and “miscarries” have the context of more than one, as in permanent damage to reproductive systems. At no point does a woman have choice. This isn’t abortion, is torture/witch hunting.

  21. Asking for some friends in America who might need it soon, do we know the recipe for that Abortion Water?

  22. Surely their secret superweapon - Thoughts and Prayers could stop abortions. Oh wait

  23. I did want to make a Pingu joke but didn't want to spoil their fun haha

  24. I didn't think they allowed tourists in the pyramids at Giza anymore.

  25. Not a tourist my family are from Egypt and do digwork so you can see a lot more than usual

  26. Not a tourist my family are from Egypt and do digwork so you can see a lot more than usual

  27. I mean they have chefs, nanny's, maids, fitness coaches, wealth managers.... Why do the work when you can pay a pooerer person to do it for you?

  28. because of genes. If you come from wealth don't you want your own flesh and blood to continue that? /s I wonder if they promoted having kids to richer folks would that help a lot of these problems?

  29. But then you get martyr points for saving a poor unwanted child

  30. Curious that the same people usually don't give a care in the world once the child is born. Unemployment benefits? Sucks for being born into a poor family. Good quality school? Sucks for being born into a poor family. Gay or trans? Lol, gg, press F.

  31. It makes me annoyed that the same people that are happy to forcibly use a woman's body to incubate and unwanted child would lose their fucking shit if the tables were turned and they were forced against their will to donate organs to a dying child.

  32. After I had covid the first time I almost totally lost my sense of taste. Having had it again, it's still the same. I still like cooking and it's fun to see what the birds and squirrels like the most. I think I need starvation a bit.

  33. This is my nightmare. The only good sense I have is smell / taste!

  34. https://www.today.com/health/will-eating-burnt-oranges-revive-senses-after-covid-19-t204125

  35. I totally agree. The sense of entitlement. I'm not obligated to give anyone the time of day fuck off.

  36. Its because every single bit of media since day 1 shows them that they WILL get the girl.

  37. So, if you're single, you're asexual? Cool.

  38. Eat a salad one time? Congratulations you are now a vegetarian (until meat passes your lips again)

  39. Obviously that's why all the gross dudes think they can straighten out those wet noodly lesbians - ✨ magical penis ✨

  40. I’d assumed all children’s discos continued to play these tunes…?

  41. I went to a work do on wed and they played them it was hilarious

  42. Eating a lot is not the only reason someone's fat. Genetics can be a major factor, or can be due to various other uncontrollable reasons.

  43. 0.4 percent of cases of obesity are due to medical conditions.

  44. Tilda is bomb. My favourite thing about the Constantine movie was her.

  45. Time to get some Islamic temporary marriages then as a workaround

  46. The difference between a cult and a religion is; In a cult, there’s some guy at the top who knows it’s all bullshit, in a religion, that guy is dead.

  47. That would make Scientology a religion because Hubbard is dead.

  48. When I was in college (early 90’s), Campus Crusade for Christ had a big event every year where the student body was invited to watch a movie called Hell’s Bells. It was about Satan’s presence in rock music. They included LED Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols - I remember thinking that Johnny Rotten probably wasn’t smart (or sober) enough to even know what Satanism was.

  49. True that. Jonny rotten is a grotty himbo 🤣

  50. Haha yeah, because passing a child through that small hole wouldn't hurt had they not sinned.

  51. If eve hadnt eaten that damn apple maybe we'd be laying eggs or doing it seahorse style 🤣

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