1. Ja like Kyrie. He make sexy play for me to jerk my chicken. Winning for losers like Titum

  2. I didn't appreciate Kobe until his attitude became less competitively angry (for lack of better terminology) as he got closer to his retirement, but it seems like he would've tried to play through anything. Walking on a torn Achilles is literally insane, and asking the trainer to tape it up so you could finish the game is utter madness.

  3. I feel more comfortable with Scottie shooting 3's than Pascal. Does anyone else feel the same way?

  4. Wallahi fam, say less, the mandem looked marved halfway through the 3rd ahlie? Inshallah

  5. Should've busted out the box-and-1 again

  6. Probably an overpay, but maybe you can get Toronto to throw in Gary Trent too. The salary matching works to get both OG/Trent in with Dedmon, Duncan, Caleb, and Jovic going out on the player side.

  7. It's not an Aventus clone like people say. They're not similar smelling scents at all. Both are great in their own way. Cedrat Boise is a beautiful fragrance. It smells more mature to me. I'd say it's a great cold weather scent, and great for a date night.

  8. This is it? That creed bottle could be like 2 or 3 really good colognes that will do circles around it.

  9. In your opinion. People are allowed to buy what they like with their money whether or not the internet tells you not to.

  10. These are the types of trades I used to make in 2004 when I first signed up to RealGM πŸ˜‚

  11. It's not bad talent wise, but I don't think Zach makes us a contender and I know pairing him with Scottie, Pascal and FVV does make us bad.

  12. I like how the guy below is like, yeah we get rid of trash and get good players back so it makes sense! As if we're just some glorified 2K farm team. Morons! The lot of 'em!!

  13. Close, he's 6'2" guard who plays basketball, but comes with a 6'8" wing who is elite at everything

  14. All-Star starters are usually who the casuals want to see. They make the league the most money so the set up probably won't change.

  15. People just wanna see him dunk.

  16. From what I've been told, your "trans penis" is so micro it's been mistaken for a clit

  17. not surprised a raptors doesn’t know what a vagina looks like

  18. Linda McMahon went into politics and they had to make everything PG

  19. We're not allowed to forgive anyone anymore. If you ever did anything bad in your life you're cancelled! But only if you're famous. The rest of us can hypocritically judge people anytime we want.

  20. I guess, but this episode is from January 2019 and Coolio died in September of 2022.

  21. The TNT crews dynamic can never be replicated, but we can get a different style of crazy entertainment. Guys like Baron Davis, Richard Jefferson (I know he's at ESPN), even Gilbert Arenas but with Nick Young, Channing Frye, etc are all funny guys. You just need to give them a bit of a leash with the cursing and storytelling. But they could be an amazing compliment to the GOAT'd Thursday crew.

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