1. Why is Madison Beer of any significance in the music world? Isn't she just some YouTuber/ Tiktoker? (Sorry, I'm old. Lol)

  2. Her music is so underrated!! Listen to Blue, Boyshit, Dear Society and Reckless

  3. It reminds me of how they talk in Gloriavale to be honest

  4. And without being a single or the power of tiktok

  5. Personally I don’t think she’s a gamine because I think she looks much better in the outfits without broken lines/silhouettes

  6. I agree with your face fitting in with both naturals, however you lean to Flamboyant* Natural to me!

  7. That's super interesting, because I've been typed on this sub as a FG, but I've always felt like some of the styles, including the short hair, wouldn't suit me

  8. I swear this cast just keeps on getting better and better

  9. I know she retired Cola due to the movement. But I still love that song :>

  10. No cause it's literally my most played song of all time

  11. I was thinking possible SG, interested to hear people's thoughts though.

  12. I agree SG. I don’t think TR, she actually seems a bit more frame-dominant besides being soft and petite, and doesn’t have the sharpness I would expect

  13. Yeah SN would be my second choice to her, the main thing that makes me question it is that she looks very obviously petite.

  14. This shows just how big Cruel Summer could have been if it was a single

  15. I’ve seen all the movies but I’ve only read the first book. Is there a big difference between the books and movies? If there is, I’ll read the books.

  16. The books are infinitely more in-depth than the books. I love both, but the books are definitely worth a read.

  17. I love Riley sager, I’m even more excited for his new book now!

  18. I have this exact question as well. I've been typed on here as FG myself, and I think it fits, but I also definitely have some 'width', and occasionally FG recommendations don't work on me for this reason.

  19. One of my favorites! And I’m a huge hunger games fan so when this and eyes open came out I was freaking

  20. Same!! I wonder if she'll do a song for the new Hunger Games movie

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