1. Potential CANvTW track record based on our tenuous (at best) teaspills

  2. I probably got the covid again after a month Healing (I tested positive for the first time on March 24th and negative on April 26th) wish me luck for this test 🤞

  3. yall what's amethysts and nicky's IG @'s? i can't seem to find them

  4. Interesting. But the elimination outcome is still the same, I’m assuming😭💔

  5. 400 points? 💀 Well We remind the public that even if Ukraine wins the war does not stop, you waisted your vote

  6. Wait has it been said that Bob will host pit stop? If so where?

  7. Because she insulted ava in s1, and she said taht all the Italian queen are not polished enough to survive Abroad

  8. Hey Acrylique said to me to say this. She is not replying to anyone, she is ban ned in sdr she can't comment, someone is replying to you and IT'S NOT HER. Don't take seriously the tea that the user is spilling (because it's fake), the user is impersonating her, apparently this appened 2 weeks ago too

  9. So which one of you Nancy Drews will zoom in on Javier Calvo's glasses from the preview to see which girl is getting which critiques?

  10. I was doing that, i cam see a huge gold d tree dress woth a gold cape? I think he was talking to Estrella

  11. Looking back at Willow's special, how did I not realize that Willow was winning, she literally won the competition the moment she entered the werkroom

  12. SPECULATION: Could Drag Race Italia season 2 be shooting this summer? Priscilla is officially not returning to her almost 10-year gig at Jackie O's multiple clubs/bars in Mykynos. I know many of you are not fans of her, but she was a major draw there with the money crowd. Her replacements (2) revealed they will be the queens at the club today (UK's Alyssa Vandelle and Miami's Athena Dion).

  13. Teaspill Dr España episode 7 runway theme is: nights of 1000 Raffaella Carrà (yes is the same runway theme of dr Italy Ep 3)

  14. i’m confused, in the articles for As7 it says that it will premiere with two episodes but the wording makes it seem like we’re getting two new episodes a week? that’s not true? right

  15. I'm Roxxxy Andrews and I'm here to make it clear Ik you love me baby that's why you brought me here

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