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  1. I think it could be an antique. I’m no expert on mirrors but those black spots look like tarnish on a silver backed mirror. The frame also looks like it was gold and someone painted it white. Good luck!

  2. Nah, it was mistake that anyone could've made. But i want to know where can you see it was golden?

  3. If you look close at the first couple pics it looks like there’s some gold peaking out where the white has rubbed off. Could just be the pic but on my phone it looks like gold paint.

  4. This isn’t a picture of my actual living room, but it’s a good illustration of what I’m talking about.

  5. I’ve got the same thing between my living and dining room but mine can only be accessed from the living room. My grandparents used them for Knick-knacks but my wife and I put our DVD collection in them.

  6. I want to clean it up but keep everything as original as possible. Once i straighten up the threaded rod that is bent, any advice on how to clean up the wood handles? Maybe just a quick wash and oil them up is what I was thinking.

  7. It’s up to you how far you want to take the wood. I’ve restored some knives and gunstocks and the best process I’ve found is to spray it with Krud Kutter, let it soak, wash it off with water and steel wool, let it dry, then oil.

  8. Just use it. It’ll even out with regular use pretty quickly.

  9. This. I feel like people get too hung up on how their seasoning looks. As long as there’s no food stuck to it and you can’t see bare metal, it’s fine.

  10. There were only 2 M2s and everyone had a handgun. For a US Navy vessel that’s as close to unarmed as it gets.

  11. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know the code for ships but I’d imagine having machine guns mounted on board would make it an “armed” ship, no?

  12. I’m right there with you but I would assume “Unarmed” just means no ship-to-ship capability. When the North Koreans attacked it they used gun boats, 2 subs, and 2 MIGs. In that kind of firefight those M2s were just there to make noise and poke a few holes.

  13. Looks like a through tang that they capped with a washer and squished the tang to hold everything together. Probably more work than it’s worth to take it completely apart. You can use Krud Kutter to clean up the wood and vinegar on the metal. Like others have said, watch some YouTube and you should be fine.

  14. Ranger Point Precision has some really good accessories. Skinner sights are a must have.

  15. Drill and tap for a lyman. The skinner sights that i have had experience with shift too much. At least with 45-70 anyways.

  16. Oh wow I’ve never had that happen. The biggest gun mine are on though is a .308MX

  17. I’ve been looking for a griddle to add to my collection. Coincidentally added my first gate mark at the same time! Picked this up for just $12

  18. Thanks! I have about 13 more to go so I hope that I'll still like it.lmao

  19. I’ve done almost 40 pieces and I’m not sick of it yet lol. Just save some of your favorite pieces for the end so you’ve got something to work towards and you’ll feel like you’ve mastered it by the time you get there

  20. It’s a fryer lid so it probably goes with your fryer. Im pretty sure the dimples are supposed collect the condensation when cooking and drip it back onto the chicken or whatever’s cooking. The last one looks like a griddle, would need more pics to guess what brand.

  21. 0000 steel wool and some Rem-Oil should clean up that surface rust. However, the metal will still be discolored from it. Doesn’t look sporterized at all which is a huge win. Don’t have any experience with the .303 but my 30-.06 version is a freaking tank of a gun. Clean it up and keep a light coat of oil on the metal parts. If you want to sell, don’t take less than $1000 for it.

  22. I have a total of 2 super rare skins but I’ve been playing since day one and bought loads of Monster Energy drinks when they ran the BF1 campaign for crates

  23. Beautiful work but those polished brass screws make my shoulder hurt just looking at them.

  24. It's not really noticeable at all. I build a lot of guns and like to try new things... Anyhow, I look at this one like a Hot Rod; it's not meant to be comfortable, it's meant o be bad ass and impress the ladies.

  25. I’m more of a Rat Rod guy myself but you definitely built a panty-dropper

  26. i used to work at a company that gets the phone call to come out and replace the breakaway whenever there is a drive off. it boggles the mind how many people can be on the road and be so absent minded.

  27. As someone who has driven off with one before, it doesn’t take much. I was tired after a 12 hour shift and was preoccupied with how I was going to politely explain to my boss that his dumb idea at work was dumb.

  28. Np. I’ve bought from him before, he does good work. Lead times just suck on custom work but it’s worth the wait.

  29. Love Kalashnicarvers work, I waited probably 5 months for my clubfoot stock and it was absolutely worth the wait.

  30. As others have pointed out, it's a Jet Pilot's Knife, probably 1960s or later. I've read that this was the most popular knife carried by US forces in Vietnam, infantry and aviators alike.

  31. Using it as a foot peg is oddly specific, was that a common use? I was assuming it got run over by a truck or some kind of heavy machinery.

  32. Just like to point out that this is a Reddit post of a Reddit post of a tweet of a TikTok lol

  33. Middle of America I’ve heard them called skid steer, bobcat, and skidder

  34. Really diggin that Kalashnicarver furniture on the KP-9

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