1. I know this is late but this isn’t a normal reaction. Hope you’re doing better and please visit your dermatologist and/or doctor. Reddit is not a source for medical advice.

  2. Hey thanks a lot for the concern😊 I'm doing good now...I used the sandwich method and now I don't have any issues...the reaction was due to first time using it. I'm alright now..thankyou😊

  3. This is not a common side effect, but it’s a known one. It’s caused by absorption of tretinoin into the bloodstream without full metabolization in the dermis. Normally, tretinoin breaks down into the sum of its chemical parts on the skin where it works on the dermal layer as an antioxidant with very little direct absorption into the bloodstream. However, on areas of thin skin like around the eyes, or around mucous membranes like your nose, mouth, or eyes themselves you can have either direct absorption or accidental ingestion causing systemic side effects as it’s metabolized through the liver.

  4. Hey I have to thank you a lot...I tried using the sandwich method while using tretinoin today and I didn't get any headaches and I didn't feel nauseous too...thank you so much...it really helped a lot..

  5. This happened to me once when I bought tret from India. The tub itself looked strange as soon as I opened it. It was a white cream with parts being yellow, it looked like it wasn’t mixed properly. It also had some small dark particles that looked like dust. The whole thing was strange and I am sure that the tube was faulty. Regardless I tried to use it for couple of days, but same like you, it made me feel extremely nauseated. I now buy tret from different brand and have no problem.

  6. I recently tried Neemli 10% TA. It worked like a charm on my hyperpigmentation. It's not at all irritating.

  7. Which one do you think worked the best for you?? Neemli or minimalist?? Coz I ordered the neemli 10% yesterday..just curious to know...

  8. I use it with Vit C and Tret for better results though.

  9. I thought of doing the same..but what happened today was, its my first day of using tretinoin..I use the A-Ret 0.025 gel..and within an hour of application, I started having headache and nausea..so I'm just confused..

  10. Neemli has a 10% Tranexamic acid and its pretty good! Available on Nykaa.

  11. Have you tried the neemli tranexamic acid? Which one is better, the neemli or the minimalist? I'm in a dilemma..I don't know which one to get ..I'm confused between these two..

  12. I haven’t used minimalist but Neemli is pretty good. It’s high concentration and works wonderfully for hyperpigmentation.

  13. What does the lotion and the gel do? I mean what specific skin needs?

  14. Hey the florozone lotion is a body moisturizer and the clincitop gel is used to treat acne..

  15. Same here,the florozone lotion it's my HG..the only body lotion that works for me..

  16. Hey, I've used them and it worked for me..I have wavy hair it made my hair smooth..for me personally i didn't get that sticky feeling..it was very light..

  17. haven't used this personally but got a short review from a fellow redditor who was using it. I think she'd gotten good results as the percentage is pretty high. I got myself tranexmic from minimalist as a beginner but had to throw it out Because it started Smelling weird.

  18. Oh thankyou...then I'll definitely try them...also looks like the neemli one is transparent and doesn't oxidise..

  19. Hey, you can use it as a face pack..it really helps..I've used it previously. As you mentioned, you can get vallarai Keerai powder easily at local siddha shops. I used to make a simple face pack. Just one spoon of vallarai powder,rose water and aloe gel...mix it together,apply the paste on your face and leave it for 20-30 mins and wash it off..you can try doing it weekly once..it worked for me for rashes especially during summers..Also it's much better when consumed like vallarai kootu or thovayal...you get all the benefits.

  20. This depends on your skin tbh. I've a pretty resilient skin along with that I've originally started with 10% lactic acid from minimalist ( finished couple bottles of this) then moved on to using glycol 6 ( saw very little difference ) and then I've used dream co 7% glycolic acid toner for a short while and now I have no problem using glycolic acid from ordinary on my face(a game changer ).After I finish my bottle I might try their peel but very skeptical

  21. How was the derma co 7% glycolic acid toner?? I'm planning to get one..

  22. Hey,Like everyone said,you can try using lip balm with spf and try to keep your lips and the skin around your mouth moisturized... Last year I faced the exact same issue like you do..when I met the dermat I was asked to check my vitamin B12 and D3 levels...My B12 levels were low and I was told by the dermat that due to low b12 levels we get these I had these dark spot at the corner of my lips...then I was put on b12 supplements..after few months those marks disappeared..So it could be due to health reasons too or just due to lack of moisture in lips.

  23. Absolutely...even I use this,it's extremely affordable,its around Rs.40-45 and also its the best for those who have dry sensitive lips..

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