1. It can be a number of things, but it's easier if you name the frame you are using most and the weapons you like.

  2. You can miss the Oriana at the orphanage storyline. I did the first time.

  3. Devs haven’t been known to base frames on non-fictional things, they have an entire fictional universe that frames stem from.

  4. Oh, I'll make sure everything is properly sterilized before I start. I'll either want it to be permanently locked in, or be able to do it over and over....

  5. You can get pretty close, if you get the Druk instrument set.

  6. To Orcus Relay, in 6 days, 20 hours and 51 minutes, at the time of typing.

  7. You can find it in the game, by going to the console in Strata Relay, behind the Ember statue.

  8. You know; if your friend had done some research up front, he would've known TW3 wasn't for him.

  9. As the game is "older" it might just work, but you need to check the spec up front. I played on Playstation, so that always runs smoothly

  10. As Dexter Holland, PhD, once said: “You gotta keep ‘em separated.”

  11. Yeah, i saw the ghost one and the one that releases it's shadow or something when it dies. That sounds rad as heck. (Can you tell i have a type)

  12. With the ghost, I think you mean Wisp and yeah; she is amazing!

  13. Eidolons are large monsters roaming the Plains of Eidolon on Earth, at night. It's later game content, so don't concern yourself too much with it now. You get an introduction when you do the quest Saya's Vigil.

  14. Garuda because she is just disrespectful and vicious. She synergies so good with all her abilities. I've recently been enjoying mag more. Since the greedy pull rework i squeal with joy when i see a khora cuz i know we are about to hang the enemies whole damn army.

  15. That's why I subsumed Pull on Khora, even way waaaaaay before it's rework! It's just insanely funny!

  16. Maggie is so glorious; especially since her last rework!

  17. If you are that early in the game, it might just be that they don't show up yet. Do a few more introductory missions and then check again. All baTarangs I've found so far, I just ran into while playing.

  18. I finally did my first patrol but only just went out and stopped some baddies. I think now i might be able to start collecting them.

  19. Keep in mind that the more baddies you take out, the more info you gather on premeditated crimes for the next night patrol.

  20. Luckily you're not completely dependant on the Prime Resurgence, as the relics for Valkyr Prime and Nyx Prime are permanently unvaulted through Railjack missions, so if you don't get it now, you can still get it from there....

  21. Max out your focus trees and unbind your waybound abilities....

  22. Every race can be done and won on regular speed. Saves you a lot of overshooting the target.

  23. Do you have all the other frames that are available right now?

  24. I did it last week with Mag, to Pull the enemies in before the throw and then I just blasted them with the Tenet Arca Plasmor. Mine has innate Radiation and Magnetic, so I put corrosive or heat on to deal with the Infested enemies.

  25. Game of the Year-edition is the full package. The DLC's are included and not separate.

  26. Revenants 4 is garbage in relevant levels. And mags 3 isn't the best since it only works on armored enemies and her 4 full armor strips + it's relatively slow at killing enemies anyways, especially when compared to helminth options.

  27. Relevant levels like level cap endurance runs? That's the only thing I haven't tried with his 4. For the rest of the content it works fine.

  28. I've found that Acolytes melt pretty fast when met with Mister Discoball. Other than that I mostly use my weapons and Thralls to make my way through those levels, although; with an insane amount of energy and energy regeneration, I can always use his 4 on overdrive when I get swarmed.

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