1. I’ll be there! This is my first March!

  2. Real men eat breakfast at night, y’know?

  3. Super cute! Our section mascot is a sloth this season 🦥

  4. I keep mine inside at all times. He’s terrified of the outdoors, and I’m terrified of him being outdoors because the void I had before him was killed on the road when she ran outside.

  5. I’d say it’s an amazing planet that we should treat with more respect

  6. As a pro life person I completely disagree with you.

  7. Well the whole model of any kind of insurance is that you have to pay for it. Making it a shitty model when it comes to health. Especially when these companies can just refuse to pay for what you need.

  8. “Illegalizing abortion causes increases in abortion”

  9. This was always my dream school when I was a kid, I'm currently applying for college and this sucks

  10. I’m attending right now, and I’d still recommend going despite this. The campus still leans more towards the pro-life side, with a memorial for the aborted and pro-life speakers frequently coming. Plus it’s just a very loving and supportive community.

  11. I think that is a troll. If you read books by pro choice abortionists or pro life post abortive women you get a feel for this phenomenon. This person is probably a narcissist looking for a reaction.

  12. Even if it is, it still got 126 upvotes, and I highly doubt those are all trolls…

  13. What an adorable fuzzball he was! You have a beautiful baby 🖤🖤 What's his name?

  14. We originally named him Doja because we thought he was female at first, but after finding out he was male I went with Fudge, the name the shelter gave him 😊

  15. They call it a foster fail. But isn't the point of fostering to get them to a loving home? So would it not be just a foster success?

  16. Honestly, yeah! There were so many kittens at the shelter I was working with, so it probably would’ve been a while before he got adopted if I hadn’t decided to keep him. Especially with black cats getting adopted at lower rates because of dumb superstitions :(

  17. Oh wow. As someone who goes to Notre Dame, I’m shocked that I’m first hearing this from Reddit.

  18. Ok, after finding out what the comment said (as shown by

  19. Like 80% of that thread would have been removed if that was the case because nearly everyone was saying they were pro-choice BUT-- etc

  20. Well I mean… 6,000+ comments on that post, very active subreddit, makes sense to me that the mods would have only gotten to removing the easiest ones to see. The top comment that’s not removed is from an actual nonreligious PL person.

  21. Of course! When a Nazi gets up voted, obviously everyone agrees with them!

  22. You joke, but I once saw a comment calling black people stupid (unironically) get upvoted. Guess that’s just a fact now!

  23. What if the same comment gets upvoted on one post and downvoted on another post? You’re both wrong AND right? :O

  24. He posts some very blatantly racist and sexist comics. I once browsed his website and the people in the comment section on one of his comics were unironically talking about how women shouldn’t have the right to vote. It’s a real shame because some of his stuff is genuinely funny but his politics are so… ew.

  25. This man is insane. Check out his talk show. He literally lived during the Jim Crow era (as a black man!) and claims it was “a better time for black people” and refers to Donald Trump as the “Great White Hope”.

  26. I fucking hate performative activism. Just seeing this alone made me upset. People love to make others think they're a great person, and when it boils down to it they really don't give a shit about actual autistic people

  27. I hate these "all my real friends will repost this". That's the best way to NOT get me to repost it

  28. I hate that too. Also those “repost if you’re against animal abuse, if you don’t repost you think all animals should DIE” or “repost if you’re against bullying, most people aren’t brave enough to repost this!!!!” Just manipulative crap that promotes spam about opinions that aren’t even controversial anyway.

  29. The post would most likely be removed and op would be banned immediately

  30. Eh, I know a lot of subreddits aren’t very welcoming of pro-life people, but I honestly think it would get downvoted at worst. Saying a primate is a species is just flat-out incorrect regardless of what side you’re on.

  31. I’m so tired of this narrative that we think the mother is less valuable than the child just because we don’t think the mother has a right to kill said child. And last time I checked men don’t have that right either, so I don’t understand the relevance of bringing up men here. Feels a lot like virtue-signaling.

  32. Ngl, funniest thing I’ve read all day. That scenario is so absurd that it almost feels like a parody of the pro-choice position instead of an actual argument

  33. Even then, blocking someone doesn’t remove them from Reddit. It only prevents them from interacting with you lol

  34. Question: If you think the government should stay out of everyone's business, then why be pro-life? A stance which supports government restricting abortion outright banning it?

  35. I didn’t downvote you. I thought it was a valid question. I find it interesting that pro-life became the conservative side of the abortion debate.

  36. No, sorry, you misunderstood. Im pro choice, which is the stance of science. Weak scientific stances are actually anti choice.

  37. The stance of science wouldn’t equate a bacteria cell or strand of hair to an unborn baby but aight

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