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  1. NATO tallentaa Suomen suoraan Yhdysvaltojen kovalevylle!

  2. Yes, I would. Fuck around and find out. I won't take the risk of assuming that the home invader is a nice guy. I won't risk the lives of my family over his life.

  3. that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard, lmao. "she's not real, therefore it can't be sexist"

  4. Why is semi-sexy art evil, oh Christian puritan? Or I suppose you could be a muslim too, lets be open minded.

  5. Sure, now tell me why sexy women bad. Should we have replaced her with a man?

  6. Näyttää loppuosa ainakin kondomimainokselta?

  7. Haha, and there they were, saying Europe would freeze to death. Jokes on you Putler, even mother nature and god are on our side!

  8. The coldest day where I live was -13. Russia is currently in -26. I love mother nature.

  9. I've seen one tweet from some nobody about vaccines. Although stupid, I didn't not think anyone's really saying that....

  10. Hundreds of Twitter peoples alone, with few thousand likes or so. Enough to make a bad meme about :*)

  11. Link em my brother. Also your meme is good I just haven't seen the tweets lol

  12. Russia is playing some 6D chess, because their invasion only drove previously non-aligned Finland and Sweden into NATO.

  13. Cause they're cool, and the Imperium deserved them.

  14. As long as he doesn't look down, he can't fall.

  15. "Unrealistic environmentalist" or someone who realizes how radical we need to be to save the planet.

  16. Abolishing capitalism equals saving the planet, how exactly? Radicals of all kinds can fuck right off.

  17. Well, basically most things thatdamage the environment was invented and brought by capitalism. Also it encourages to take environmentally very unfriendly shortcuts. I’m not against capitalism but I’m willing to admit it’s dark sides.

  18. Ever heard of Lake Karachay or the Aral Sea?

  19. Also known as warcrime christmas lights.

  20. You brought up why I cured the genophage, they are adapting anyway. I would rather be seen as a friend who helped them now than an enemy when they do adapt. Although who knows how long it will take, maybe hundreds of years. Still, this was my reasoning for making my choice.

  21. True. If they're going to find a cure anyway, you might as well give it to them and make them owe you a debt for it.

  22. They are not true relationships. How can you claim to love and be happy with your partner, if you need love or sex from others?

  23. The freedom of speech meant the deletion of "visibility filtering" as Twitter calls it. An equal platform.

  24. People seem to have a hard time understanding that freedom of speech or 1st amendment right only applies to the government, and that you agree to the terms and conditions dictated by a corporation for use of their platform when creating an account on social media.

  25. That as well. And the freedom from the speech you don't want to hear.

  26. wtf fuck even is this are you upset that people are upset about the Japanese-American internment like wtf

  27. More along the lines of, why are some people only upset about the japanese internment, when others have also experienced the same.

  28. Should we get upset about every injustice ever done in history to all the people groups? We would be upset the hole time 24/7 then

  29. So why should we be upset about the treatment of japanese-americans at all then?

  30. Where's the happy ending?

  31. That's the one where he snaps 100%

  32. Don't forget the country is divided along racial and political lines, AND there is a horrible economic situation where many cannot even afford basic necessities.

  33. Oh dear Lord, Russia's also attacking Ukraine and considered as weak militarily with a corrupt government again as well.

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