1. Yeah, it's a very sad selection and unimpressive prices. I love seeing that they're selling one of the past boxes they told me sold out, so I couldn't get the items I was supposed to.

  2. I saw the same thing!!! They literally told me they were out of supplies so had to refund me... fucking liars!

  3. Was it the box with the Dominique cream blushes? They specifically told me they were out of those and the Glow Recipe hyaluronic serum. I knew they were lying, but there's nothing I could really do about it.

  4. Maybe... I don't remember what all else was in the box atm - I need to go back and check... also one was a Luxe Box I saw on sale before like the month after they said they weren't sending the replacement box they'd told me they were sending over a month and a half before that email where they said they ran out of stock and so they had to refund me... then I saw it - with my choice items - for sale... they play dirty! I hate that side of it!

  5. what’s funny about that is unless it’s a credit + free shipping, you still have to spend money… and i’d ask them for more than 6$. i just subscribed last month and they have screwed up every step of the way w/ both boxes… i normally wouldn’t com ppl aim but after seeing so many posts about expired products and all that i knew it wasn’t a mistake… i have emailed to the point of insanity and i’ll be getting a refund in my 2nd box too, they tried these lowball bs offers to fix they’re mistakes and it’s like ok so now i have 3 coupons but i’ll have to either give you more money or pay 5$ for shipping? i think the quickest response usually comes if you comment on their instagram posts

  6. In my personal experience, the coupons include S&H but that could just be a Canadian thing since we have to pay shipping even on orders over $25....

  7. Ah! I've never unsubbed then signed back up. Ty foe the info 🙂

  8. I think the $15 6th item in Ipsy GBP makes the price close to Premium, so the merge may work that way. And with no card in this months Premium tells me they are throwing whatever leftover crap from the warehouse into those boxes. I’ve already received that alleyoops brush twice, I chose the two different choice items, so hoping to fare better.

  9. Hmm! I hadn't thought of that as I don't subscribe to premium.... You could be right!

  10. I changed my choices to the toner and scalp serum. The scalp serum actually looks pretty good

  11. I've heard that it is pretty awesome! I chose it as an option in my upcoming FFF....

  12. I chose Kate Somerville, luckily, like OP, I was able to choose drunk elephant

  13. They're probably banking on us West coasters buying more/making mistakes and buying the wrong products... lol

  14. I don’t think us Canadians are elegible unfortunately. We’re pretty limited in what we can get.

  15. I tried to do it for January's GBP and it didn't work - and I am Canadian, too... hopefully they'll change this soon!!! 🤞

  16. I have bad KP and Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow body serum has helped a ton. By far the most effective product I’ve used in my 18 year KP battle. Boxy usually has it in sales for $8-12ish.

  17. Maybe Try KP Bump Eraser by First Aid Beauty or Kopari Bumps be Gone. Both are body scrubs with glycolic acid and some kind of scrubby substance. FAB also has a KP lotion. I don’t have KP but I’ve used both just to soften and exfoliate, and now I can’t imagine not having one or the other in the shower.

  18. I was wondering the same! I only have about 1 foot of my hair to donate, though.... ty for posting about this!

  19. I haven't gotten tracking information for 4 months. The box just randomly shows up.

  20. They can't even get my Luxe Box to my address. I bet when I receive it won't have my choices either. They didn't fail to email that I was entitled to only one replacement box per year. T h is shod be on them completely forgetting an customer that has been with them for 3 plus years.

  21. Wow! They really said you are allowed one replacement box per year? That's a lie... or maybe I was just super lucky.... but they replaced my Sept Luxe Box due to a VERY severe allergic reaction I had to a Spongellés - BEFORE I even opened the box!!! The scent was THAT strong - I could smell it when I bent down to pick it up off my doorstep... I contacted them when I got home from the hospital and they sent me a replacement (without a Spongellés, thank god). It was a better box than my original, for me, anyways, despite the shitty bag that was in it, lol.

  22. Yes, one replacement box. They are refunding me for my December Luxe..sure was wanting to try that perfume which was my choice.

  23. Wow... I'm sorry! Idk why they gave me the 2nd one then... that's shitty of them.

  24. Btw, that Tarte serum foundation is awesome. I don’t use “foundation” anymore. I’m so into the tinted moisturizers, especially when they include spf. This foundation is lighter. Not heavy at all. Feels great on the skin, I actually forget I have on something at all. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it.

  25. That's what I was hoping for! Ty for telling me about it!!!

  26. I use a brush, specifically Clarisonic brush. Hope you love it just as much as I do. Btw, almost sold out at Sephora 🙂 it was on sale so I’m not the only one.

  27. Awesome! Tysm for the tips! And if it's that popular, it's for a reason, right? Lol 😉 I'm so glad I went with my gut and chose it! . . .

  28. You never know. They open whenever they feel like it now. I’d check every few minutes if you can!

  29. I was able to choose and shop just after 9:30 this time (I checked the time at 9:30, went to the bathroom, fed my dog, and then refreshed the page and BOOM! Open for me to choose!

  30. I am so surprised how expensive things are now. Some of the stuff I bought before I canceled is now like $5+ or higher. I think the drop shop was supposed to lure in new people, but it seems like the thing only that backfired. I see more and more people canceling. When I canceled a couple months back, I thought that if there's was something I really wanted, I could get it through the drop shop. But I don't even see most of the stuff I wanted. I love the Odecite Miceller water but they haven't had that since August when they refunded my order.

  31. I agree.... but I also heard that there are now limits to how many of each item you can buy... I think it's 5 (which is still a lot for non-Boxy people imo). I think that unless you unsub'd or are currently subscribed, you shouldn't be able to shop these sales...

  32. Yep - I get regular each month in PR and Luxe quarterly in PR. Makes sense that the PR boxes go out first as posts can go up earlier in the month. I kept my paid for box for extra content. Duplicates go into a giveaway/donation pile. FYI my December paid for box now has a January estimated delivery date.

  33. Do you do unboxings on YT... or? As a fellow Canadian, I'd love to give you a follow 😊

  34. I post mostly on instagram, trying to start posting more on TikTok. My handle is Swatchadoodle 🥰

  35. Stay with the base for now, I never even received an Luxe for Dec2022 and been with then for 3 years.

  36. I only just got my Luxe! Hope you end up getting yours!

  37. I just saw your post while I was googling the Lunar Beauty eyeshadow palette... I was hoping to find a link to it on Boxy so I could review it and the ND cheek thing (mine came in early December - FINALLY, and yet again, this month, my Dec Luxe box still hasn't arrived - fuck Boxy's late boxes!).

  38. They have pool floats, cheap nail polish, and gair ties. I'm not surprised about this.

  39. Very true.... I was SO pissed about the washing machine!

  40. Srsly, who wants to look like they work there - and/or - give them free promo AFTER PAYING THEM $10 (+s&h)????

  41. I use to get all 3 boxes, and now I only get just the base box.There would be great items in the Premium and Luxe boxes, they were just not in my boxes. So I finally decided enough was enough, and went with just the base box.

  42. I saw an ipsy calendar unboxing on youtube on Alexandria Ryan channel :)

  43. I love Alexandria's channel - especially her Advent unboxings lol!

  44. This happened to me when I signed up too - but included the Luxe box, too - 2 Base boxes AND a Luxe my 1st month!!! Like wtf? I was like you and happily would have waited for that month's box (and for the next month's Luxe box). It felt a little dishonest to me since they didn't tell me I would be getting AND being charged for them! It was a huge charge all at once on my credit card.

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